Ningbo early stall selling pie a monthly income of twenty thousand yuan a Deep-Fried Dough Sticks 2

Ningbo early stall selling pie a monthly income of twenty thousand yuan a set Deep-Fried Dough Sticks 2 SUV Wu Weijun and his wife are busy. "In front of the market stall selling pie Deep-Fried Dough Sticks uncle, recently suddenly in my here SUV two cars, it is pride, give him praise!" These two days, in the circle of car sales practitioners circle of friends, this message has been forwarded. The reporter specially launched an investigation on the matter, the result is found. Reporter Mao Leijun early stall suddenly set a 2 Buick SUV reporter learned through interviews, the first to send this message is above the Jiangdong District, a 4S store sales staff. Yesterday, reporters rushed to the 4S shop to understand the situation. After the sales staff know what he wanted, to the door: the biggest breakfast spread is. Reporters then came to the door of the road. Because it is close to the modern mall and many car 4S shop, there are several stalls selling breakfast. Among them, the most conspicuous of the early booth with a red tent, there are two middle-aged people are busy. The reporter that identity, the stall that is willing to share their own car. The breakfast stall called Wu Weijun, 45 years old this year, Zhejiang Xianju people, from the beginning of 2000 to Ningbo, has been engaged in business as soon as possible. He told reporters that he was joining the red red breakfast chain, mainly selling pie, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, glutinous rice, tofu curd, until the children’s park gate operation, now due to the construction of subway, he put the stalls to the modern shopping mall here. Wu Weijun told reporters that he had two children. The eldest daughter has gone to college, and the youngest son in primary school grade 3. Speaking of the car, Mr. Wu said: "this we usually work very hard, from dawn to dusk, rarely have the rest of the time, now the children are big, think a car can take a walk to see him go back home near the Spring Festival weekend, which are more convenient." Wu Weijun passed the driver’s license as early as 4 years ago, but he didn’t have many chances to drive. During the national day, he took advantage of the relatively idle, came to the nearest 4S shop, chose the 2 displacement of the new SUV. And he returned to the brother-in-law also set a car with the models. Wu Weijun’s brother-in-law is just across the street snack bar open, specializes in Steamed Meat Dumpling. Selling pie Deep-Fried Dough Sticks earning twenty thousand dollars earned are hard money reporters learned that Wu Weijun bought SUV naked price per 270 thousand yuan or so. One of the cars he has paid the first paragraph, and through the 4S store for 150 thousand yuan mortgage, monthly repayment of more than 8000 yuan. While the other car has not yet arrived due to the 4S store, he only paid a deposit. Wu Weijun said that now do business early, 20 thousand of their monthly income of more than two yuan. Wu Weijun usually frugal life, in addition to a pair of children reading, and not too much spending. So, this mortgage for them no pressure. "Don’t look at our income, but these are hard money." Wu Weijun said, every day at 4 am to he and his wife to get up and do Chutan preparation, 5 points to 9 points is the peak of early operation,.相关的主题文章: