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Ning Zetao before the Olympic Games had been heavy pressure roughly storm thin 4 kg Zetao Ning data for sina sports news in CCTV "the sports world", Ning Zetao tells the story of the Rio Olympic Games happened in our various things: let him give up the main swimming center 100 meters freestyle swim 200 meters from the relay, rumors of drug out the swimming center asked him to terminate the training home. After returning the card degaussing, was asked to move out of the apartment, the head coach will no longer appear in the training pool, due to the endorsement dispute swimming center he was not allowed to attend the Olympic Games internal circular. In the beginning of April this year to participate in the national championship, his head coach Ye Jin conveyed the National Swimming Center said he wanted to lead the relay to participate in 4 by the decision of 200. Ning Zetao said: I am the main 50 meters and the 100 meter freestyle, and I am not within the scope of the project is 200 meters. Although last year I made a cameo appearance in the military athletes to 200 metres from swimming, but I’m from the Olympic Games has never practiced the 200 meter freestyle, practice is 100 meters freestyle. It was ridiculous to ask me to give up the 100 meter freestyle to swim in the 200 freestyle relay. First, I’m not the 200 meter freestyle swimmer, and it’s just for the honor of the motherland that I can’t go to the 200 meter freestyle on the second." His coach Ye Jin said: "we are both not two, 100 meters and 200 meters training system is different, and he has no such strong sustained ability." In June this year, during the training in Australia, Ning Zetao heard some rumors that his drug detection, he asked the competent coach, said no problem. In Australia, Ning Zetao received a total of three times during the flight tests and blood tests, no problem. At the end of the training, the swimming center suddenly let he suspended the national team training camp, home standby, let his training in the semi standstill. He returned to China in June 19th after events first card degaussing is emerge in an endless stream, and then were asked to move out of the apartment. And the head coach Ye Jin no longer appeared in the pool, and then there was a massive media broke insider events. In order to solve the food problem, had to borrow before has left the team card. The apartment manager asked him to move out within three days, so he asked the manager that he had a file transferred to the national team. The administrator to the relevant departments to file, but this settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. The reporter asked Ning Zetao: "I heard that you sleep well, eat well, exercise is not normal, can only be a doctor to give you pinch table." Ning Zetao said: "my good is a lie, is not to let family and friends worry, young also experienced a lot, his most trusted people betrayed, mocking, experienced a lot of human accident, see the ugliness of human nature, he is still very optimistic. After all, I still want to stand in the Olympic Games, for the motherland to fight for honor, it is difficult to insist on." Only Ning Zetao and his teammates, doctor Huang three of us are walking together after two weeks. At that time the doctor Ning Zetao pinch table, yellow as a sparring. Ye Jin said: "I am very difficult, I am the national team coach, is also the Navy coach, when the state to an athlete相关的主题文章: