New sign of Xi’an Road single row waiting for multi row traffic-3u8813

Xi’an new road sign: single row for multi row pass Xi’an network (reporter Xin Yuan) south Taibai Road and technology road cross north-south direction to turn left to appear in front of the word "1" and "2" new logo, the two "mysterious" figure so many old driver could not guess and guess. In the morning, deputy director of Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, traffic police detachment captain Liu Jun was explained on the spot. We Xi’an micro-blog in the topic # Xi’an network real-time traffic # issued a video message, there are a lot of traffic police after they watch, specially sorted out the notes to facilitate learning, now move the good bench, learning together! A["1" and "2" are not left turn waiting zones. During the period of "crossing the 1" and "2" signs and turning left lights, the vehicle can not enter the intersection, waiting for the green light to pass outside the parking line. B["1" and "2" are zipper open movement modes. A left turn lane is pulled out of the road, and the two left turn moves alternately forward and side by side in accordance with the zipper opening mode. Under such traffic mode, the left turn lane vehicle can quickly exit, improve the intersection efficiency, and make full use of the internal space resources at the intersection. C["1" and "2" is a new attempt to turn left at the intersection of internal vehicles] wait will affect straight on to the vehicle, reducing the efficiency of traffic intersection, and not all the intersection are suitable to delimit the left turn waiting area, so according to the national standard, combined with the city road status, this is our innovative initiatives.

西安道路新标识:单排等候多排通行   西安网讯(记者 辛源)太白南路和科技路十字南北方向左转道前方出现字“1”和“2”的新标识,这两个“神秘”的数字让不少老司机猜不透又想猜。上午,西安市公安局副局长、交警支队支队长刘军在现场进行了讲解。我们西安网微博里的话题#西安网即时路况#发出视频消息后,有不少一线交警他们观看后,专门整理出了文字笔记方便大家学习,现在就搬好板凳,一起学习!   A[“1”和“2”不是左转待转区]在施划有“1”和“2”标识的路口,左转等灯期间,机动车不能进入交叉路口内部,须在停车线外等待绿灯通行。   B[“1”和“2”是拉链打开的运动模式]一个左转车道驶出的路口,两辆左转车依照拉链打开的运动模式交替前进,并排通过。这样的通行模式下左转车道车辆可以快速驶出,提高路口通行效率,充分利用道路交叉口内部空间资源。   C[“1”和“2”是新尝试]左转车辆在交叉路口内部等待会影响到对向直行车辆,等于降低了交叉路口的通行效率,且不是所有交叉路口都适合施划左转等待区,所以依据国标的相关,结合我市道路现状,这是我们的创新举措。相关的主题文章: