Network about car drivers spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy equipment to cheat half a millio 97179

Net about car drivers to buy equipment for half a year to spend tens of thousands of cheating to make millions now each big network about the car platform to catch cheating software is very strict, once found, immediately and titles to be fine, now we are rarely done." As the network becomes one of the readers about the car travel choice, some can change the car mileage, charging network about cheating software in about car drivers group popular, according to a network alarm about the car company, said there may be more than 30 thousand drivers are cheating software installed, causing economic losses of up to more than 600 yuan. Guangzhou Daily reporter recently found that the network about the car platform for cheating crackdown is very large, many do cheat software teams have disappeared, the reporter learned in the investigation, cheating software can not only make the driver refused to pick a single, single, can change and modify the mileage billing, not often run a route the passenger is very difficult to find, at the same time, in the last year about car subsidies peak period, net about car drivers in a few months the highest subsidies, even spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy the equipment designed network about car brush, in just less than half the time, has received more than one million yuan profit. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Duan Chenqun once found net about car drivers to be number 22, according to media reports, the recent public security organs cracked the country’s first sale network about the car software cheating case, arrested 5 suspects. After preliminary verification, the country has more than 3 drivers to buy, use the software, causing the car company about 600 yuan of economic losses. Many owners through the Internet to buy a QQ group called "upgrade software about car" or "touch screen Wizard" cheating software, use the computer software system for the network about the car company’s interference, thus the request for "to single" and "single of distributed traffic pick". Reporters yesterday to the network about the car driver’s identity had contacted a sales staff dedicated to the sale of such software, but the news is that the major companies in the fight network about cars cheating software, the source said the risk is very big, do not do the business. "Now the network about cars are investigating cheating software, once found, not only a driver to a fine of 1000 yuan, but also the title, so now many drivers are not used. We no longer sell such software". The software can change the data interception orders according to the reporter, the cheating software is a APP, according to these sources, it is very convenient to use, is in the driver’s mobile phone network at the same time open about the car APP and cheating APP, once the two docking software, the driver can change all kinds of data, including billing mileage, etc.. At the same time, the driver can also set their own number of kilometers to take orders, the location of the desired location. It is reported that before the network about the car company to combat such cheating software, often with a range of units issued 10 orders, and can lead to cheating on the 10 orders to "intercept", according to the background of their best to calculate the priority order, including the longest journey, the largest single cost. The company sent a single platform sometimes not you want to run, some local traffic congestion, running a single time is often the other.相关的主题文章: