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National pollution will be second times the official stressed thoroughly may conceal the Sohu news approved by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council issued "on the day before the notice of the second national census of pollution sources" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), decided in 2017 to carry out the second national census sources of pollution. "Notice" requirements, any place, departments, units and individuals shall not delay, false and concealed and refusing to report the census data, census data may not be forged, tampered with. Census agencies at all levels and their staff members shall perform their duty of confidentiality in respect of the technical and commercial secrets of the census objects. It is understood that the last national census in 2007, according to the "national pollution source census Ordinance" provides a census every 10 years. On the 1 national census of pollution sources of what? Including the agricultural industrial life source of pollution, the "notice" clearly, to carry out the census to grasp the number of pollution sources and the industry and geographical distribution, understand the pollutant generation and discharge and treatment, establishing files for key pollution sources, pollution source information database and environmental statistics platform, where there is a pollution source census units and self-employed households are the objects in the Chinese territory. Including: industrial pollution sources, agricultural pollution sources, domestic pollution sources, centralized pollution control facilities, mobile sources and other facilities for the generation and discharge of pollutants. The contents of the survey include the basic information, the types and sources of pollutants, the generation and discharge of pollutants, the construction and operation of pollution control facilities, etc.. The standard point of time for the census in December 31, 2017, the period data for the year 2017. This census is divided into three stages, the first stage, the fourth quarter of 2016 to the end of 2017, to carry out the work of the census preparation, focus on the preparation of the census program, technical specification and perfection, to carry out the census pilot training and propaganda work. The second phase, from the beginning of 2018, around the organization to carry out the survey and database construction, the completion of the census work. The third phase, in 2019, the organization of the census work for acceptance, data collection and results released. 2 census objects should be what obligations? Shall not obstruct the investigation of occult tampering with records state organs, social organizations and with the pollution sources census related units and individuals, shall be in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China statistical law" the "national pollution source census regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations and the "Circular" spirit, actively participate in and cooperate with the general survey of pollution sources. Investigation of pollution source census objects have the obligation to accept the general survey of pollution sources and pollution source census personnel institutions in accordance with the law, and shall truthfully fill in the pollution source census report, not false and concealed, refuse and delaying the pollution source census data. The object of the pollution source census shall provide information on the pollution source census in a timely manner. The government sent the census organizations at all levels above the county level in the census were investigated according to law, should actively cooperate to provide authentic information and data, and shall not refuse, prevarication and obstruct the investigation, shall not transfer, conceal, falsify or destroy the original records, statistical ledgers, survey report, accounting data and other related data. Census object does not fulfill the relevant obligations, will bear the corresponding Ting相关的主题文章: