National Day holiday high speed car free afternoon of September 30th will greet peak (video)

The National Day holiday high-speed car free afternoon of September 30th will usher in the peak of Modern Express News (reporter Wang Rui Li Na correspondent Su Jiaoxuan) this year’s National Day holiday is coming, this is the implementation of car highway toll free policy seventeenth holidays. Yesterday, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps released a large traffic during the National Day travel raiders. The traffic control department is expected in September 30th 2 in the afternoon will usher in the peak travel, the afternoon of October 6th 2 will usher in the return peak. In addition, the modern express reporter from the Highway Management Bureau of Jiangsu Province, by road network structure, area distribution, vehicle ownership and other factors, Suzhou, Wuxi section of Shanghai Chengdu expressway, Beijing Shanghai high-speed Guangjing Xicheng, Nantong Shen speed, Suzhou section, Jiangyin bridge, Sutong Bridge and some key tourist city, leading to the key scenic road, will it be possible to car amble even short time traffic congestion. Blocking time travel peak will start from September 30th 14 to October 1st 18 PM, around the end of the return peak will appear in October 6th 14 to October 8th at 3 a.m. the blocked road section of high-speed Beijing Shanghai high-speed Huaian, Yangzhou, G2 Taizhou, G15 Wuxi Shenhai Expressway Suzhou section, Nantong section of Shanghai Chengdu Expressway in Suzhou G42 Wuxi, G15W Suzhou high-speed section of G25 long deep high speed Ninghuai G36 Ningluo speed Nanjing section cross river bridge Jiangyin bridge Nanjing bridge of Sutong Bridge traffic flow in high-speed daily export flow is expected to be 2 million 570 thousand units, up 15% according to the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic police departments responsible person, during the National Day holiday road the traffic safety situation is complicated and grim, a holiday to visit relatives and friends, the province and neighboring provinces in the short distance travel will be highly concentrated, in part because the mid autumn rainfall cancel travel plans of the group During the National Day travel will be more intense and urgent. Highway traffic Festival is expected to continue to rise, the average daily export flow of about 2 million 570 thousand, an increase of about 15%. Expansion of the video: unrelated to the original text of the national day high speed free traffic surge police tips to deal with the peak相关的主题文章: