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Naqu area of Tibet to promote the "withdrawal to a city" to the establishment of the prefecture level city, Sohu news in January this year after the State Council approved the "located in southern area of Tibet City, located in northern Tibet Nagqu area has also been put on the agenda of the withdrawal to a city". According to Tibet, China News Network reported on August 30th, August 29th, the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee meeting, decided to convene the Eighth Plenary Session of the CPC Tibet Autonomous Region Committee on the ninth meeting in Lhasa on August 31st. The meeting will be reviewed by the "request" on the convening of the Communist Party of China Tibet autonomous region of the Ninth Congress passed "on the Communist Party of the Tibet autonomous region Chinese held the Ninth Congress resolution (Draft)" on the "agreed to withdraw the establishment of the prefecture level city Nagqu Nagqu proposed decision (Draft)". Nagqu, the Tibetan word for "Heihe", is located in the northern Tibet autonomous region, is located in the hinterland of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, an area of more than 430 thousand square kilometers, accounting for 1/3 of the total area of Tibet autonomous region. Nagqu area close to Qinghai province and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with an average altitude of 4500 meters above. Nagqu county is located 10, 1 special zones, namely, Amdo County, Nagqu County, for example, nierong county county, Lhari County, SOG County, baqen county and Xainza County, Bangor County, county, district Shuanghu special fuck. At the end of 2015 the official data show that the total population of 495 thousand people in naqu. In fact, as early as January of this year, Nagqu "withdrawal to a city" that has emerged. According to the "Tibet daily" reported on January 13th, recently, by the Deputy Commissioner of Naqu district administrative delegation led by Jiang tie line held withdrawal and Linzhi city to set up the city to exchange experiences. Vice mayor of Linzhi municipal Party committee, government Dawa, Linzhi people’s Congress deputy director Ciwanjigme attended the meeting. Ciwanjigme said, "dream city" is the "wealthy and strong areas" of the dream, the first thing to do is to do the preparatory work of communication, actively organize relevant information and documents submitted to the relevant departments. To develop a good basic course, bottom line, for Nagqu withdrawal to a city early success. Dawa said that Linzhi city "withdrawal to a city" success, cannot do without the Party Central Committee’s concern, cannot do without the concern of the government, the Autonomous Region Party committee cannot do without the support of Guangdong, Fujian two, is to focus on public services, health care, industrial layout, urban construction, social management and other five major ways to tackle tough, clear division of labor, the responsibility to implement, to get the withdrawal to a city’s success, the hope can give Nagqu withdrawal to a city to provide some experience and support. In April 5th, the "Tibet daily" reports also mentioned "actively promote the Nagqu withdrawal to a city work". January 2016, approved by the State Council agreed to revoke the Shannan area, the establishment of the prefecture level city in the south. Thus, the prefecture level city of Tibet autonomous region increased to 5, namely Lhasa, Changdu, Shigatse, Linzhi and shannan. The Tibet autonomous region at the other two areas under the jurisdiction of the Nagqu, ali.相关的主题文章: