Nanjing tourist attractions near the peak of nearly 300 thousand people tour seven scenic spots

Scenic spots in Nanjing ushered in the peak tourist tour of nearly 300 thousand people in the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, the first two days of continuous rain, yesterday ushered in good weather, tourists can not wait to go sightseeing. As of 4 yesterday afternoon, the modern express reporter learned from the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission, the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, Nanjing 4A scenic spots above the total number of tourists received a total of 941 thousand and 900 passengers. However, the number of visitors from the seven scenic spots, the third day is the peak day. After two days of home or hotel home life after yesterday with the weather gradually clear, the army finally dispatched the tourists. Last year only two days due to the Mid Autumn Festival holiday hot Modern Express correspondent Hu Yao ZAKER Nanjing correspondent Xu Hongyan Cai Mengying Nanjing attractions first cold, small holiday this year and last year did not change up the data. However, the modern express reporter noted that affected by the rain, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday three days a total of seven scenic spots in Nanjing received a total of 607 thousand and 500 passengers, the number is significantly less than the Dragon Boat Festival, Qingming and other small holiday. Among them, Confucius Temple received 240 thousand visitors; Zhongshan Mausoleum scenic area received 140 thousand visitors; the presidential palace reception 32 thousand and 900 passengers; the Xuanwu Lake scenic area received 146 thousand visitors; Yuhuatai scenic area received 25 thousand and 500 visitors; NIUSHOUSHAN cultural tourism area received 17 thousand and 900 visitors; Jinling Dabao’en temple ruins Park received 5 thousand and 200 visitors. It is noteworthy that yesterday, many scenic spots in Nanjing ushered in a large passenger. Because the weather is sunny, after two days of home or hotel home life, many residents and tourists choose to go out for a walk. Seven scenic spots in Nanjing, for example, the number of small holiday reception three days were tourists, respectively, 196 thousand and 300 passengers, 126 thousand passengers and 285 thousand and 200 passengers. Due to the first two days of continuous rain, the total number of visitors to the seven scenic spots and only about third days. Hurry out to play two days After rain the sky looks blue. before a small holiday, Nanjing city was surrounded by rain. At home to rest for two days, the public can finally take advantage of the rain after the autumn to send cool, go out to enjoy the outdoors. Yesterday, the modern express reporter in Zijin Mountain scenic area to meet many people enjoy good weather. "At home two days watching TV, the rain stopped, please come around", the public Ms. Zhu was wearing a pair of red shoes, had just climbed 392 stairs, walk to the Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum parking lot inside the bus from the fraternity square. She told reporters that she would get up early in the morning a good equipment to climb. At noon, she and her friends had a good dinner in Xinjiekou, to draw a perfect stop this holiday. Yesterday afternoon, the modern express reporter saw in front of fraternity square, many tourists raised the self timer. On the window in the self-service rental, scenic spots in front of the sightseeing car are lined up, but the team in order. According to statistics, as of 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the number of scenic spots in the park is about 9000 people, not crowded. The maximum carrying capacity of scenic spots is 400 thousand passengers, and the instantaneous carrying capacity is about 55 thousand. Su Xichang broke into the surrounding tour ten popular cities yesterday, a number of online travel sites based on their platform big data release, the Mid Autumn Festival travel report 2016.相关的主题文章: