Nanjing Bo concept and about the thick and thin hair winsockfix

Nanjing market Bo concept and about to take thick and thin composite index closed at 2663.34 points, up 108.15 points, or 4.23%, the highest 2669.46 points, the lowest point of 2554.44, turnover of 2 billion 478 million. After 162 collections rise, 29 limit; 28 down, no limit. Plate only shrink fell, down 1.61%; the other rose in the plate, the highest increase, the highest increase, respectively, and 6.53%. Early composite index opened higher after the step back to 2570 points, then quickly enter the state of strong upside, pulled all the way to 2630 points to a slight pullback, but soon again upside, pulled up to a maximum of 2650 points down soon after uplink disruption, stepped back 2600 points. At this point 2600 to the support from the resistance, the market in the narrow run above the point of 2600, until the morning to close at 2612.72 points. After opening the afternoon index again steadily upward, pulled up to 2660 points after the uplink speed, to maintain the overall 2660 points in the vicinity of a narrow range, eventually closed at 2663.34 points. The morning market continued strong yesterday were higher after a brief dip, open pan head fifteen minutes after the time of market instability index began to try for a strong, easy to break the 2600 point mark has been provided, but also in the 2600 point drop by the strong support, the latter can be 2600 as strong line. Today after a strong market breakthrough, has initially released a strong signal in the long term, the operation tomorrow suggested layout of admission, if the best natural rose, but if tomorrow index fell, we can according to the actual situation to operate down. First, as long as the closing tomorrow does not break 2600 points, the market is still optimistic about the strong state, even if the fall has mainly to do more, if slightly below 2600 can choose to wait or leave, leave directly fell sharply. In many aspects to pay attention to, if the morning after stabilization index continued to decline in the state of shock or green disc temporarily don’t approach. The market before the strong breakthrough today, take a very long market consolidation, patience admirable, long patience is bad, if this wave of breakthrough in the establishment, naturally have a brilliant future. Sustained attention in red Kanpan friends can add red in a communication group, eight point night will not because the video group Jiepan, due to the limited space, open will speak, group number below the advertising area. K technology, a large candle, a strong break over multiple resistance, MACD MACD, KDJ and RSI continued to rise, Bollinger breakthrough track, some short-term indicators have reached oversold, if the market continues strong is not ignored, if the trend in the next few days shy, you need to consider the risk. Strong breakthrough has come out, from the perspective of long-term operation can be done, the next two days is not broken, the establishment of a breakthrough signal is to increase the number of efforts to do more than 2600. These are personal point of view, for reference only. Sina collection cultural exchange channel transmission of cultural property market health values WJS相关的主题文章: