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Nanfang Daily: do not forget the beginning of the heart is the best memorial to the martyrs – View – People’s original title: do not forget the beginning of the heart is the best memorial to the martyrs today is a memorial day. Party and state leaders will be the same as the capital on behalf of all walks of life together, presented wreaths to the people’s Heroes in Tiananmen square, in order to deeply cherish the memory in modern times against domestic and foreign enemies and for national independence and people’s freedom and happiness, for the national rich, strong and prosperous the heroic martyrs who sacrifice, gather more power forward for the realization of "two one hundred year struggle", to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream, to promote the cause of the party and the people continue to a new victory from the victory. "Heaven and earth hero gas, the future is still awe inspiring." As general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "a nation of hope can not do without a hero, a promising country can not do without the vanguard." In the great history of the Chinese nation from misery to glory, countless heroes to the interests of the state and the people’s happiness, write a magnificent poem capable of evoking praises and tears with life, leaving precious spiritual heritage, leading many newcomers have. In the revolutionary war years have gone through hardships, their faith and death, highlights the Chinese incorruptible Hao Ran in righteousness; be in full swing construction period, they only to the party, courage and dedication, played countless magnificent triumph of the hero; in waves and magnificent reform era, they never yield in spite of reverses composed a new chapter of firm and indomitable. The construction of socialist modernization. Chinese people always remember the martyrs of the immortal feats. Party and state leaders to the people’s Heroes presented wreaths, the expression of national respect for the martyrs of the most noble and cherish the memory of the National People’s Congress; the day before the national day to martyrs day, full of China people’s "national forget Festival martyrs’ feelings. This is where the Chinese national spirit! Each solemn commemoration, not only is a memory of the wake, but also a touch of soul inspiration. There are many ways to commemorate the martyrs, what is the best commemoration? General secretary Xi Jinping 28, in commemoration of the 100 anniversary of the birth of Comrade Liu Huaqing’s speech forum pointed out: "we must carry forward the glorious tradition and heritage of the red gene, don’t forget the heart, continue to move forward, efforts in upholding and developing socialism in the process of creating great Chinese characteristics worthy of the times, worthy of the people, worthy of the ancestors of the performance. This is our best memory of the revolutionaries of the older generation." Looking back at the history of the sky, countless martyrs to the country and the people’s loyalty, in pursuit of ideal and belief in the spirit of the Chinese nation? Cast base as solid as rocks. Do not forget the history can open up the future." All the way forward, can not forget the way to go; go further, go to the glorious future, can not forget the past, can not forget why. Now, the martyrs for the cause is making great strides, they are ideal diligently strive after a step by step into a reality. All great things are need to advance in the past and future in the. Facing the future, facing the challenges, we must not forget the heart, to move forward. This is the best memorial to the martyrs. Today, China is making a difference in the new moon, which is closer to reality than at any time in history相关的主题文章: