Mpgl eighth ehome.k can win season to Southeast Asia-synnex

MPGL eighth EHOME.K can win season to Southeast Asia? Beijing time on September 9th, Southeast of all DOTA2 Corps will gather in Malaysia Qiang Selangor, a wonderful MPGL eighth season for all competitions, and compete for the first prize of US $30 thousand ($50 thousand total prize money), the tournament by fire cat TV exclusive live. Game time arrangement and explanation: "we produced two spies!" although MPGL is facing Southeast Asia game, but the game still sneak two teams, one is familiar to us as close and become a hanbok Korean Marine Corps MVP in Southeast Asia, this game is the first large-scale events after the reorganization in the MVP. Velo, Reisen two players can not cause a chemical reaction in the team is still very much looking forward to. The other is our well-known team EHOME second tier team – EHOME.K. EHOME.K although the TI audition that lost to CDEC.A, but the team’s ability to innovate and also play the audience themselves, hope that the domestic team can play well in the MPGL competition! 9 games are MPGL group phase, group phase using the BO1 system, there will be 9, 8 team 4 game showdown, Fnatic and MVP two were invited by the match will be carried out in 10. Fnatic will also be released in this game after the reorganization of their new TI lineup, let us wait and see.相关的主题文章: