Molecular machines in the end what is not so

The molecular machine in the end what name, not so important in 2016 the Nobel prize in Chemistry for the French · Pierre · SOVA (Jean-Pierre  Sauvage), hot American Fraser · Stoddart (J.  Fraser  Stoddart) and Sir Bernard of Holland · L· Fehling plus (Bernard  L.  Feringa), to "in recognition of their design and synthesis of molecular machines" achievements. The result of the three is actually the design and synthesis of molecular machines. In the view of chemical professionals, three award-winning chemical name "regression" — a pure chemical symbol, but carefully, this adorable baby machine is not completely state full name "", but also can be named "material" or "" and "" the cloud, because it is not is a pure chemical origin, but the chemistry and physics of hybrid baby". Although the molecular machine has a multidisciplinary background, its advantage is that pure chemistry does not have. From a purely biological point of view, hybrid molecular machines have more powerful vitality and physiological and intelligent advantages. From the application point of view, cross discipline it has a more profound and broad application prospects, for example, will the micro molecular machines into the vessel, and then find the cancer cells or release drugs, treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and cancer, and the therapy is more effective than it is now, more quickly and with fewer side effects. What’s the use of the molecular machine? The answer is, in addition to the treatment of diseases, molecular machines can also diagnose and prevent the diseases, because they will than a fine hair one thousand times, can be placed in the in vivo monitoring the health status of the human body, can detect the disease before any symptoms. The abstract and visionary answer is that molecular machines appear like 1830s as the latter led to a variety of motor, electric train, washing machine, fan, food processor discoveries and inventions in the future, the future can be molecular machines in healthcare, energy and industrial display skills to the full. Therefore, there is no need to identify very tangled molecular machines DNA identity, or to ask what the name "chemical" or the name "health" or "object", because in molecular machines, interdisciplinary really more vitality than pure chemical.相关的主题文章: