Minister of transport of Malaysia mh17 will be asked to punish the perpetrators of the

Malaysia’s transport minister: MH17 will be required to punish perpetrators crash information and Malaysia Transport Minister: MH17 will be required to punish the perpetrators of the crash in September 30, according to foreign media reports, Malaysia’s transport minister Liao Zhonglai said on the 29 this month, with the interim report on Malaysia Airlines MH17 airliner crash International joint investigation group announced that Malaysia Airlines passenger plane is from the Russian missile shot down, the Malaysia government still maintained the position in prosecuting the perpetrators must adhere to the appropriate and effective mechanism, subject to legal sanctions. According to reports, Liao Zhonglai on the same day issued a statement saying, this is the consistent position of Malaysia, evidenced by a joint investigation led by the Holland delegation and a report on a survey of Holland Security Bureau, the Macedonian government more firmly MH17 victims’ position of justice". In addition, Liao Zhonglai also composed of gratitude for Malaysia, Australia, Belgium, Holland and the Ukraine prosecutor of the international joint investigation group, the investigation to successfully complete the cooperation agreement and announced that the joint mission will be extended to January 2018, to continue the responsibility investigation of plane crash. According to a joint investigation team, 9M38 series of beech missiles over Eastern Ukraine shot down two years ago in MH17 aircraft from Russia, and that the missile from Russia to Ukraine is an Eastern Pro Russian militias controlled the village, after the launch was shipped back to russia. Holland investigators introduce survey results in the reasoning process, showing the radar images, photos, video, telephone monitoring recording and other part of the evidence, also broadcast 3D animation simulation of missile transport route. Wilbur, director of Holland’s central criminal investigation, pointed out that they had solid evidence to prove that the missile was shot down from Russia to Ukraine. According to intercepted communications, pro Russian rebels are demanding the flow of ground to air launched weapons, as well as reports of the arrival of these weapons in eastern Ukraine. From the evidence, and other joint investigation team to obtain evidence, we can draw a conclusion that the MH17 aircraft was 9M38 missile and missile series, was sent from the transmitter beech." Data figure: the crash site of Holland police spokesman pointed out that the survey results and the difference is that last year, now has the evidence as criminal evidence, and the trial will be determined when and where to carry out. It is reported that the joint mission has identified 100 people involved, and that there is a real opportunity to mention the perpetrators, but has not yet officially confirmed the individual perpetrators. Investigators were unable to determine whether or not the missile launch was ordered or acted on. The mission said it was necessary to establish who ordered the missile system to be moved to the east of Ukraine, as well as where the missile command came from. July 17, 2014, from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, MH17 aircraft was hit by missiles over Eastern Ukraine. The plane crashed in the air after the explosion, killing all 298 people on board, of which more than half of the victims are the dutch. After the crash, Ukraine government forces and militias in eastern Ukraine accuse each other is Kay相关的主题文章: