Ming Tang teacher’s concern for teachers to transfer into the campus in physiotherapy jessica rabbit

Ming Tang teachers’ day care transfer into the campus in teachers for teachers how to physiotherapy should express the teacher’s blessing, a bunch of flowers, a meal or a honeyed words? Ming Tang September 9th Chinese public inquiry activities in Zhongguancun fourth primary school and the Capital Normal University at the same time, the constitution of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine therapy to provide testing services for the majority of teachers, and with Chinese medicine knowledge and answer in the field, to increase our understanding of the traditional Chinese Medicine, into the campus in the teachers’ day, the teacher sent to the health. In the August Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese team of Chinese medicine team of Chinese medicine team to let the Chinese people once again full of confidence in traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine culture into the international perspective. Traditional Chinese medicine with its unique physical therapy and treatment of the disease is not the concept of access to more people’s recognition. As the teacher’s day once a year, Ming Tang TCM clinic led by a number of Chinese experts, into the campus to provide free medical examination for the Chinese just school teachers, and send the throat, thermos cup and other gifts. Some teachers are interested in the experience of Chinese medicine treatment, enjoy the United States National team. At the scene, to participate in traditional Chinese medicine to solve the yellow teacher said: we have a Western medical examination every year, I think it is going through the motions, even if there is no serious illness to comfort yourself. But our teacher in this industry, lumbar, cervical vertebra, periarthritis of shoulder in western medicine has no medical related projects, but this effect is indeed obvious in Chinese medicine therapy, massage experts under just now, I feel really comfortable many. Also, the "Ming Tang Qingfeiyin" can also help us to remove chalk dust inhalation, this is good." In the end the constitution of traditional Chinese medicine teacher Li also said: to test whether the site or mobile phone test results are accurate, the doctor’s pulse, her body in this state, said Chinese medicine therapy is very effective, and that the U.S. national team today may enjoy the treatment. As a school in ten years to become the fourth Zhongguancun primary school, advanced educational philosophy, excellent teachers, excellent software and hardware conditions of public school model. As an excellent school, Capital Normal University to include arts and science, engineering, law, education, management, and other professional foreign language, art has become a comprehensive university, is to become an important base for training qualified teachers and other personnel required for the modernization of basic education in Beijing. Therefore in the teachers’ day, two schools especially in Ming hall for teachers to send health care delivery. Ming Tang as the capital’s first treatment and nursing will be combined with high-end professional Chinese institutions as a whole, in order to promote the Chinese traditional Chinese culture, uphold the principle of "meridian conditioning, self complacent" concept, the disease is the best policy, dialectical therapy, righting cure, creating a new model of health diagnosis and treatment conditioning. The public clinic activities, not only to provide a professional diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine examination for teachers, it is a carry forward traditional Chinese culture behavior. The future, Ming hall will enter more industries and units, the public welfare activities continue, let more people get help, make the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine into thousands of households.相关的主题文章: