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Min Lulei dissatisfaction Maurice frequently affect the team offensive team blacksmith Maurice poor [collection] Beijing Guangsha 85-110 Fortson 48 Maradona was only 16 at the end of the eighth round of CBA, the Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team to 85 than 110 not enemy Zhejiang Guangsha team suffered the first defeat of the season home court. After the game, the officers and men are mentioned on the other side of the small foreign aid restrictions, the attack did not play due rhythm. The second section Saikuang suddenly collapse the first half before the holiday, the two teams score deadlocked, with 2 minutes 43 seconds, faxus hit 2 free throws, kicked off the team back, Shougang team then hit 10 than 0, will be extended the lead to two digits, 25 to 16 to the end of the day. The second section, Guangsha small foreign aid Fortson suddenly switched on, especially in this section played nearly half scored 5 points, the score to 31 than 30. Shougang 2 suspension adjustment, still can not get rid of the passive. Guangsha team hit 34 than 18 single section score, the end of the first half of 48 to 43 fordsons counter ultra, one person scored 19 points. The second half, the difference in the further widening. The third section played 4 minutes, Fortson again made a killing success, already from the first section of the Guangsha team behind the two digit to two digit lead. Shougang team since 4 will be poor Zhuizhi digits, but failed to form a continuous score. With a 10 point gap into the distal, Shougang up by Zhang Qingpeng and Yue Sun teamed up to 4 points, but Li Jinglong and Fortson outwire score extinguished the Shougang team just to pick up the offensive. The second half, Zhang Qingpeng hit three points, but also to the opponent’s 7 points, in the audience as well as a total of 3 minutes and a half minutes has been ahead of the score, the game ahead of the outcome. The problem of small foreign aid to guard 19 points, 13 points, 16 points, the score of three day after fordsons. Poor little foreign aid scored 48 points, which reached 13 in 8 outside, and only hit 9 Shougang team record three points, and Fortson in the first quarter was scoreless. After the game, players are talking about the Shougang fordsons restrictions are not in place, "the defense was tough enough to prevent him not to defend Siping eight smoothly, we must combine the fast, but also to the use of the body, or let him (the ball) too comfortable." Zhai Xiaochuan said. Yue Sun believes that once the other hand play out, will be very difficult, of course the defensive end let him play crazy. We have many chances the ball did not play well, including many fast break mistake, did not play their own momentum, not suppress other momentum, let the small foreign aid played a hand." He believes that the team did not relax because the first quarter lead, small foreign aid restrictions, how to prevent the pick and roll, before it is well furnished, but the field is not the case, this is not the way. If you can’t do it, it’s meaningless. He also said: "you think you can play in the field of desire, you execute tactics in the game, you play on the show that you want to win the game, the most important attitude." After the attack "game min Shuai dissatisfaction with the first section and the second section or part in our plans and status in the second section we 13 points ahead, suddenly we feel that simple game or what happens, feeling the attack and defense force is not enough attention. Repeated reminders before the morning相关的主题文章: