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Jewelry-Diamonds Words Up until the last century, men typically did not wear any type of wedding ring. It was only after World War II that men’s diamond wedding rings began to appear on the hands of men. It was not traditional for men to wear any type of wedding ring let alone men’s diamond wedding rings. Today’s man though is more about the status that jewelry can give him. More and more men are choosing to wear men’s diamond wedding rings when they get married. In fact, it is quite popular for men to wear more jewelry now than they did even forty years ago. Men’s wedding rings can .e in many styles and diamond sizes. You can even get them in some forms of metals that are very durable and will not scratch as gold and silver have a tendency to do. One type of metal is platinum. This is a very durable metal that is used heavily in men’s jewelry. It is resistant to scratching and will hold a shine for a long time so that you do not need to polish it or have it cleaned very often. Platinum men’s diamond wedding rings can be very costly, as platinum is on the top of the precious metals list. The cost is well worth it as a platinum men’s diamond wedding ring will last your for your entire life. You can even pass it on for future generations. Make sure when you purchase your wedding band that you have it insured as well in case any thing happens to it, you will be covered. When it .es to the diamonds that you want to put in your men’s diamond wedding ring; there are four criteria that you should look for. They are know as the four C’s and they are; cut, color, clarity and carat. The cut is not as important in men’s diamond wedding ring as it would be in a ladies engagement ring. Most men will choose a band with small stones as opposed to one large one. Every diamond color has a specific color that will determine it’s worth. Typically speaking, white diamonds are the lease expensive of the colors and they are the most .mon. The actually really look very nice in a platinum setting. When you are choosing a diamond, you want to pay particular attention to the clarity of the diamonds. You may want to use the jewelers magnifying eye piece and make sure there are not any flaws or inclusions on the diamond that you can not see with your naked eye. This means that the diamonds will be worth more and you do not want to be charged for a bad diamond. The final C is carat and that is the actual weight of the individual diamonds. If the diamonds in your men’s diamond wedding ring are somewhat small, they may give you the overall weight when they tell you the carats of the diamonds in your ring. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: