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Meng Fei exposure to see a small network of Red: Dear leave a contact Phoenix September 28th "Lu Yu about", the following is the text record: Meng Fei: it is said that you only eat a few meters, otherwise. Luyu Chen: I don’t think you guys are boring. Meng Fei: I am 39 years old and fat, they are called Meng Grandpa, I hate crazy, cook the meat called PigHead, with several evil associates, PigHead meat and drink wine, particularly happy, this is my life. You are red earlier than me, when I was red, the network has been developed. Do you want to say a word, the Internet is also scold you for three days and nights to scold to the explosion of the program I have done, for example, I saw the little red net, honey, leave a contact. Luyu Chen: I suggest you try. Meng Fei: the camera in front of me go behind, like holding a dog, I was holding the dog is back, I hit the phone on the table, you can live down, I pick up the phone, when the elevator, I the 1000 comments not written, they can’t write a word. Such a big two steel drum inside, allowing the gap is the two newspapers, the pressure in your hand inside, the blood is sprayed out of puff. There are often a lot of online say, I said that the soul of chicken soup, are nonsense, there are a few words is true, this life you can really rely on your own. Luyu Chen: what’s wrong? Meng Fei: it’s in the water. Luyu Chen: ah? Luyu Chen: I’m very curious about him, because every successful person, not just today, there should be a lot of stories. Hello, hello。 Say hi Sofia. With you. Hello Hello。 Hello, hello. This is my life. Lu Yu is about · large coffee day May 2016 in Nanjing Luyu Chen: see him before I met him two times, only the impression on the screen, I sometimes in a trance, we are in it, because of his experience than I experienced a lot, he is a born to all in the invisible, kind of a person. Now in Nanjing, lunch time, please wait me to dinner is Meng Fei, in his shop, a lot of people warned me, his face you may eat, because of the special authentic, especially hot, anyway, we all feel that I do not eat noodles or noodle, regardless of his program, have received a high degree of very high, I envy, laomeng is cattle, he should wait for me here. You see, see, there’s noodle shop in front of their own programs, laomeng? Hello, see, how are you. Meng Fei: come on, I’m going to meet my guests. Luyu Chen: today. Meng Fei: sister Lu Yu, welcome. Luyu Chen: today the money Meng boss. Meng Fei: coming. Luyu Chen: Meng Meng boss boss. Meng Fei: let’s go straight. You’re hungry. Luyu Chen: go hungry, hungry, go. Commentary: he was sharp and wise news anchor, he is also the ace program’s individual host, he is presiding over the Chinese TV big coffee, he is Meng Fei.   data: twenty-sixth China TV Golden Eagle, best TV presenter award Meng Fei. Commentary: Meng Fei opened in 2010.相关的主题文章: