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Men spend 20 years do museum houses will remove nearly 1000 exhibits no place to put the housing to be removed residents heart concerns of nearly a thousand pieces of folk culture exhibits no place to exhibit a home as soon as possible. The evening news reporter Gao Linlin Ventura in industrial agglomeration area burning mountain community, everyone on the folk culture Museum is not strange, because it is community residents Li Huifu spent 20 years of effort and time was. The folk culture museum not only shows the previous farming culture, but also educate the future generations. In recent days, Li Huifu very worried, because the nearby houses will be demolished, folk culture museum will no longer exist. Founder of Folk Culture Museum "you see, this is a 1958 land use permit, was also belong to the jurisdiction to the countryside of Queshan, is to help an old man cut the wheat for two days." Li Huifu recalls, at that time, he wanted to give some money to the elderly, but the elderly do not agree. See the old man did not have other labor, he took the initiative to help the elderly cut wheat. In the work for two days, the old man took the old documents to him. Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the home of Li Huifu, the two floor in front of about 300 square meters, a mortar, pulley, spinning wheel, wooden plows, wooden and other farming folk items on display. A piece of old tools have been eliminated, not only carries the memory, also a record of changes in rural life. Li Huifu said that this is a thousand pieces of material he took over 20 years to collect collection of farming folk goods. These old objects after years of baptism, although some surface mottled, angular wear, but does not prevent them from becoming a record of farming culture. Most of the time he will communicate with other friends, some people love to collect goods, he is not stingy. To spread the folk culture of Li Huifu said, he often shows his collection of old objects, and let the neighbors, community residents and enthusiasts to visit. Each time he patiently introduces the names, functions, or collections of these old objects. In these old objects, Li Huifu spent a lot of thought. He will be classified into old objects, textile products, folk activities zone area, agricultural labor area, each area has a collection of different tools and folk items. Some of the tools, Li Huifu makes a simple design, make people more clear objects use. 55 year old Li Huifu, although not a farmer, but from the collection of old objects, you can see his country, farmers, the deep friendship. He said that he likes to collect a variety of old objects. Collection of farming folk goods not only because of love, but want to keep some rural memories. These things do not say that the child has not seen, and even we have no name." Neighbors said, through the Li Huifu home display objects, can let young people know what is life before, remember the history of farming, understand the ancestors of life, very meaningful. There is no place to place objects to worry about the demolition of the house after we moved to other places to live does not matter, these items can be moved once there is no place to place, folk culture museum will no longer exist." Li Huifu said in a sad face. He said that since the house to be demolished, he has been worried about this, to find these old things around, but not ideal. Li Huifu originally wanted to find a large warehouse相关的主题文章: