Men do not seat to pregnant women is no manners Expectant mothers have something to say (video)

Men do not seat to pregnant women is no manners? Mothers who have something to say, Ms. Wang said, because the pregnant belly is not obvious occasionally encountered passengers do not seat, but he will not care too much to these pregnant women is a topic that is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but a normal thing, there are a lot of embarrassment and story behind. Recently, a pregnant 5 months on Internet users off, her daily commute will meet many good people in the seat of the 3 line, but the most handsome woman, most of them choose to see one eye, silently bowed to sleep or play mobile phone. The men do not seat to pregnant women is not a gentleman, should be condemned? Pregnant women and men have something to say about this topic. Pregnant women > > the seat is mostly female Guo, 26 years old this year, in May the pregnancy is confirmed, because not driving, and not on the way to her husband, every morning from Shapingba station take Metro Line 1 to line 3 to Nanping. Over the past 6 months, Ms. Guo remembered a total of only 3 people had seats, of which the young woman is a young woman of more than and 20, the age of about 1 is about the aunt of the age of 50. "It is possible for a woman to understand a woman, to know how tired she is with a big belly." Ms. Guo said that many men will see her on the bus after the collective moment blind". On Friday afternoon, she was on the route 1 line, but also met a man of more than and 30 years old and her seat. I actually feel shy others seat whenever someone exposed men do not seat to pregnant women, people would have said "no" grace "deserves to be single". Ms. ran in August 22nd this year gave birth to daughter does not agree with this view. In order not to embarrass others. In early pregnancy, Ms. ran would deliberately take the backpack back to his chest in slightly bulging belly, "because everyone is a nine to fiver, I can understand." At a later stage, the stomach is not cover, Ms. ran will accept his seat, "I very feel shy every time this time." Ms. ran remember, in July this year, one day in the morning peak, car line No. 3, a more than and 20 year old woman active seat, see her carrying a bowl of packaged Rice porridge, that not far away, the sit down only to find each other wearing high-heeled shoes, and sitting far away, the whole process ran the lady was on pins and needles, "I really very sorry." Therefore, she is always possible to advance or postpone ten minutes to travel, stagger the peak. Man > > see the belly bulge on the seat they just Thurman who lives in University City, Mr. Li 27 years old this year, although young, but is already a 3 year old child’s father, "I still think is a man, is my wife during pregnancy care, know that pregnant women is not easy, so pregnant women will see in the car." However, the two time he uttered jokes, because some see MS abdominal convex can take your seat, the other refused to look embarrassed, "then I knew that others wasn’t pregnant, confused and fat pregnant, this time really do not know whether to let." There are many men who are worried about this, but also a lot of pregnant women troubled by this situation. Already 7 months pregnant Ms. Wang, because the stomach is not obvious, ride the rail is often no one seat move相关的主题文章: