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Media: to disgrace the country members of Hongkong how mercy? Original title:   knight Island: to shame in Hongkong senator, how can mercy? Hongkong Legislative Council, degrading the country’s oath storm is still fermenting. We briefly outline this matter: in accordance with the basic requirements, all elected legislative council members elect, needs to be recognized by oath links, become official members. But in a few days ago in a sworn link, Liang Songheng, Huizhen two tour members elect in the chain, or a "Hong Kong is not China handheld" (Hongkong is not Chinese banner) and published as China read as "China", read "Republic" into "Re-Fucking" insulted China remarks triggered global Chinese anger. Liang Junyan, chairman of the Hongkong Legislative Council also ruled on the spot two people have not been sworn. But Liang Junyan did not immediately cancel the membership of the two, but asked to re swear. Around this, many people quit. Some people think that the two people to apologize first, then swear. The more angry people signed or marched to cancel its membership. The two men had no intention of repentance. On the day of the two people ready to be sworn in, the formation of the adoption of technical resistance, so that the Legislative Council, will be sworn in abortion. The Hongkong SAR government department in conjunction with the chief executive and then to the high court for judicial review, demanding the overthrow of the president of the Legislative Council approved the two sworn members elect to order. Just yesterday, the two men also had "organized violence" against the Council (Liang Junyan). According to the island – get the latest news, the evening of 3, the high court after hearing the parties to complete the statement, the judge will defer the decision. Around this, the parties are fighting. Chief executive Liang Zhenying even said, do not rule out the matter for the interpretation of the NPC Standing Committee; director of the liaison office in Hongkong Zhang Xiaoming also severely criticized without naming. How to look at this matter and the subsequent trend? This storm will have an impact on Hongkong society? Our senior experts, and the island island of Hong Kong and Taiwan lake sea fish problem uncle chatted. 1, Knight Island: on this matter, now Hongkong political forces battle points where? The lake fish: in a democratic society within the framework of the person in charge of the Legislative Council, should be a person of all factions and forces are selling face and consensus, and can complete the dialogue of different camps. Therefore, the establishment of the Legislative Council will flow, Liang Junyan acquiescence; the two Pro democracy impulsion, he also said to watch for, or to leave the back door. But the point is this. The pan people think, cancel the membership requirements are too strict; the establishment faction believes this is justifying, should directly cancel its membership. Because, if you do not complete the oath of the link, it is not eligible to become a member of the legislative council. The focus lies in the confrontation factions qualifications, should be directly set aside or look to leave a way out? Because two people are really very impact consensus outrage committed most of the Attorney General of Hongkong and the government as the representative of that qualification should be abolished. So Yan相关的主题文章: