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Man good set of pseudo base station and arrest police dragged police crashed the original title: good set of pseudo base station and arrest indicted two men arrested in Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) Tianmou arbitrarily set of pseudo base station equipment for sending spam messages, was found by the police after resisting arrest, driving the vehicle fled, police dragged and damaged the police vehicle. Beijing Morning Post reporter was informed yesterday, Tianmou suspicion of disturbing the order of the formation of radio communications management, public prosecution of the crime of obstruction to the Shunyi court. According to the allegations, from October 20th to last year in November 4th, Tianmou hired to drive in Shunyi, Chaoyang and other places, by the use of placed in the car pseudo base station equipment to send advertising messages to the surrounding masses of the phone. Last November 4th, Tianmou driving in Shunyi District Renhe area Dayali Hotel on the west side of the road near the Stone Park, Shunyi branch was found bright police station. Police said after the identity of Tianmou get off to be checked, Tianmou to resist arrest, driving the car hit the police driving two cars, and forced to turn round to escape, causing the police to pay a car was dragged on the front cover. Tianmou continue to drag the car to pay a line, after being forced to stop driving police. Since then, Tianmou drove the police hit the driver of the vehicle, and into a courtyard, was subsequently rushed to the police arrested. The police seized the car from the notebook computer, bulk SMS and other pseudo base station equipment. Prosecutors believe that Tianmou unauthorized use of radio frequency, interference radio communication order, the circumstances are serious, shall be investigated for the crime of disrupting the order of radio communications management of its criminal responsibility. At the same time, Tianmou to violence to obstruct state personnel from performing their duties according to law, constitute the crime of disrupting public service and punishment. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: