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Lunch review: Guangzhou Bandung Chonggao down three release signal the attention of stock differentiation risk adjusted – Sohu securities market Wednesday no continuation of Tuesday’s sharp rebound, but out of the Chonggao, a means is gradually shock down trend. And from the technology and capital point of view, A shares after Changyang reproduce high down trend, the release of the three signals, or this indicates that the main force in the dark to conduct large-scale transfer positions, investors must pay attention to the risk of stock differentiation adjustment. First of all, A shares rushed down, released the market to do more related companies, stock movements are not restored, the chips are still unstable signal. According to statistics, the week before the two new investors only 262 thousand and 300 QoQ drop 26.09% has been falling for two weeks, indicating that OTC incremental funding shortage which let the market rebound is difficult to continue, the sector stocks began to sell natural substantial differentiation. Such as jinglihua electricity performance and the dim gapped Budie limit, chip instability and rebound from the Chee Wen media, Wantong real estate rebound after the giant Yin decline stocks plummeted, the formation of Harbin air conditioning, sunlight still continue to sell powei. Visible in the capital stock of the game, the performance decline, chip formation, dim instability, Budie and counter weak stocks, is the main transfer positions out of great possibility, we must first transfer positions out. Secondly, the technology market is 2847 points along the heavy pressure, in the two financial balance continued to decline, margin sharply outflows, multi pressure if there is no amount of this offensive support, naturally difficult to cross the leading stock index done in one vigorous effort, down, this is also from the side to release the market to do more did not reach consensus. Finally, a means lead A shares down, the release of an important signal of the main whipsaw. Good track record shows that since January 27th has started to rebound, short-term accumulation of a large number of hunters profit chips, and is currently subject to the above the 30 day moving average pressure, sentiment is not completely activated in the market, only the main through Xipan to reinforce the bottom of the market. On the whole, the market will not change the market structure opportunities, so we can select stocks at the light index. Good stock interaction believes that in the stock of funds game, with high transfer type of small cap varieties, will become the stock of funds to do more consensus, become differentiation market leading the possibility of great, we can choose a bold layout. As the annual report released 10 to send 20 participates, high information program, the stock’s recent strong outbreak of the 5 connecting plates near 60%. not only successfully restore investor crash losses, was detonated by a number of high transfer stocks blowout, such as the Great Wall, China Three Gorges continuous trading retaliatory rebound, before the Dragon head finance development is nearly two months soared up to 290% independent. Fully explain the annual report to send high class stocks, the highest degree of recognition of funds, the strongest explosive, after the festival surge new leader possibility is great, we can boldly buy bargain. Source of Bandung, Guangzhou

广州万隆午评:冲高回落释三大信号 注意个股分化调整风险-搜狐证券   周三大盘没有延续周二的凌厉反弹,而是走出了冲高回落、创指更是出现逐步震荡下跌走势。而从技术与资金面来看,A股长阳后再现冲高回落走势释放了三大信号,这或预示着主力在暗中进行大举调仓动作,投资者须注意个股分化调整风险。  首先,A股冲高回落释放了市场做多 相关公司股票走势 人气未恢复、筹码仍不稳定的信号。据统计,节前一周两市新增投资者仅26.23万,环比大降26.09%已连续两周下滑,这说明场外增量资金不足,这直接让大盘反弹难持续,各大板块个股自然开始大幅分化杀跌。如业绩暗淡与补跌的金利华电跳空跌停,筹码不稳与反弹无力的慈文传媒、万通地产反弹后便巨阴暴跌,跌势形成类个股哈空调、圣莱达仍继续破位杀跌等。可见在存量资金博弈下,业绩暗淡、跌势形成、筹码不稳、补跌与反抽无力类个股,被主力调仓出局可能性极大,我们须第一时间调仓出局。  其次,技术上大盘2847点一带是重压力位,在两融余额持续下降、保证金大幅外流下,多方进攻此压力位若没有量能支撑的话,自然难于一鼓作气的越过,从而导致了股指冲高回落,这也从侧面释放了市场做多未达到一致的共识。  最后,创指带领A股冲高回落,释放了主力洗盘的重要信号。好股道显示,创指从1月27日的探底以来已连续反弹,短期积累了大量的抄底获利筹码,而当前又受制于上方30日均线的压力,在市场人气未完全激活下,主力只有先通过洗盘来夯实市场底部。  总的来看,大盘冲高回落不改市场结构性机会,因此当前我们可轻指数精选个股。好股互动认为在存量资金博弈下,具有高送转类的小盘品种,将会成存量资金做多共识,成为分化行情领涨龙头可能性极大,我们可择机大胆布局。  如豫光金铅,年报推出10送20高送配方案,该股近期便强势5连板爆发近60%.不仅成功挽回投资者股灾损失,更是引爆了一批高送转类个股井喷,如神州长城、三峡水利连续涨停报复性反弹,前龙头财信发展更是近两月独立暴涨达290%等。充分说明年报高送转类个股,资金认可度最高爆发力最强,成节后暴涨新龙头可能性极大,我们可大胆逢低买入。来源广州万隆)相关的主题文章: