Lu Yi rouge interpretation of espionage kissing Zhao Liying bitter overbearing (video)

Lu Yi "rouge" interpretation of espionage "kissing Zhao Liying" paraselene bitter handed _42 > > > click on the video to watch "rouge" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news by Lu Yi, Zhao Liying starred in the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" is in the night 19:30 in the East, Zhejiang two of the prime time TV hit. In the drama last night, Lu Yi once again broke the secret agent skills, the strength of the interpretation of the three agents of wisdom and agility Zhou Yuhao. He and the beauty agent "to sleep in the same bed" bitter life one word agent, also let the audience be moved. And tonight, Lu Yi will meet Zhao Liying for the first time, two people soared on the same stage play, a common interpretation of the troubled heroes feelings. Lu Yi "rouge" and bitter tears of the Almighty secret stamp, Zhou Yuhao surface in the drama played by Lu Yi is the major staff, it is to monitor the Kuomintang "shadow" for hidden ghost task, dormant in the Kuomintang army communists. He and Gao Xin as the "shadow", as had been to war and love as brothers, although two people in the Kuomintang as president, secretly belief at odds, the two sides also gradually alternate preparedness. On the night of the plot, Lu Yi and Gao Xin two people live wonderful training realistic, Lu Yi marksmanship agility, shot very terrible. In front of Gao Xin, but also hidden Kung Fu home, did not show a little. In addition, the Lu Yi face their Communist Party comrades were arrested, although the anxious hearts cannot reveal half, still subdued look shows. In the Kuomintang officers forced shot his comrades, he struggled back to all eyes full of agony, touching. And the last female comrade to protect his identity. Suicide, helpless and painful in the eyes of Lu Yi also came to see this scene, let the audience very sad, have said: "love God, agent is really not good when the heart is too hard, Lu Yi’s acting is very good, this scene is stamp tears!" "The Lu Yi, Wu Lu Yi, acting is so popular, is simply to guards!" Lu Yi ultimate secret identity exposure overbearing kissing Zhao Liying body it is understood that Lu Yi had failed to play because of the identity of the mysterious special early on the line, looking forward to making a public appearance of fans waiting for God, only by licking the screen "notice" by the fans jokingly acting superb Lu Yi called "living in the trailer the man in the". However, after he played with "offbeat way after it has been fly over the walls" walk on the road hanging open, his first appeared together revealed his underground party members and the major staff of the double agent identity, in tonight’s drama, the story will be three heavy industry by leaps and bounds, Lu Yi will break the Kuomintang camp, gradually leading to the third forces, the ultimate secret identity is exposed, thus completely unfolded after hard adventure career agents. At the same time, tonight Zhou Yuhao will also work with Zhao Liying’s blue Rouge met for the first time in two were disguised as the identity of others accidentally probing each other, staged a very passionate kissing scene. Attracted fans looking forward: "male and female finally met, to kiss not too intense! Wait for the drama today!" Everything is wonderful tonight at 19.相关的主题文章: