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Low Back Pain Relief Hit with a Baseball Bat Hello, I am Dr. Darrel Hestdalen and I would like to share a story with you that is similar to what I have seen happen many times in the past 30 years. Kirk had just got home and the door bell rang. As Kirk bent over to straighten the rug by the door he was hit in the back with a baseball bat. Well that is how he described the sudden pain that he felt. The pain was excruciating and he could not stand up. He went to the floor trying to find a position to relieve the pain. Kirk had not had any significant low back problems. He was a former athlete and was in relatively good shape. He had not felt any strain to his back from any recent activity. Why did his back go out? In my 30 years of clinical experience I have found most of these types of acute low back had a similar underlying cause. Their second brain was abused. Your second brain is that .plex nervous system that controls the harmony of all of your internal organ and most of the digestive process. We have be.e experts at abusing the second brain. This leads to an energy imbalance, tissue breakdown, a toxic body burden and several other responses that give us a variety of health problems. In the case of Kirk, he had experienced several stresses that had put a considerable drain on the energy of his digestive organs. The digestive organs have priority over other tissues. There are 3 tissue energy levels. These are the skin and nerves, the connective tissue and the internal organs. Allergies, skin conditions, muscle and joint pain or any chronic condition will b related to this dysfunction. I recently treated a lady after a 10 day trip. Her schedule of activity, eating and rest were altered. Her .plaint was neck tension that probably was related to a 2 day car ride. Her support muscles of the low back and neck were in dysfunction. Also her immune system and hormone balance were stressed as indicated by her acupressure points. In fact all 8 of her Second Brain Energy Points were stressed. Now back to Kirk. What Stresses? For a few weeks his life was like this: -Rushing out in the morning without breakfast. -Eating in a rush during the day. -Eating too much at night. -Tension and stress a work were high. -The drive home that day had heavy traffic and he nearly had an accident. To maintain digestive function or to .pensate for the digestive stress the energy of the tissue is drawn from the low back support muscles to the digestive organs. When Kirk bent over the muscle responded to slowly to give him the proper support and motion and his back went out. The immediate spasm and pain would feel like being hit with a baseball bat. Could Kirk have avoided his acute low back problem? Yes he could have.By a few lifestyle changes and simple massage to the acupressure points for the second brain he could have avoided this painful problem. The problem was that he did not know about his second brain. He responded quickly and now he does know how to handle these stresses better and keep his low back stable. Are you at risk? Are you abusing your second brain? If Kirk had made a few simple changes and treated the second brain energy formula acupressure points he could have handled the stress much better. Thousands of my patients did. For Your Total Wellness, Dr. Darrel Hestdalen. What Are The Benefits Of Chip Tuning In Cars? By: Mark Well – Everything these days is run by .puters, whether your bank or your favorite family restaurant. But you might be surprised to know that even your car has an inbuilt .puter. 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