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Looking forward to the fate of the community into a new connotation – Sohu news November 17th, Chinese President Xi Jinping will be along the Pacific coast, from north to south to visit Ecuador, Peru and chile. Two years apart, Xi Jinping to the Latin American heads of state identity third times the earth on full Rumba style, once again opened the has milepost sense in Latin America, consolidate the traditional friendship, add momentum, inject new meaning to pull together the fate of the community, to pull off the pedigree to write a new chapter in the development of. Due to the country’s spectacular, fascinating Ecuador. The towering Andes Mountains, vast and mysterious, rich and beautiful Amazon rainforest along the Pacific coast, "Living Museum of evolution of Galapagos Islands constructed fantastic natural landscape. In April this year, Ecuador suffered a severe earthquake disaster. In the face of sudden disaster, the Chinese government and people for the first time to the government and the people of Ecuador to provide assistance within its capacity. Side by side, hand in hand with the local people in Ecuador and overseas Chinese funded enterprises, joint relief, wrote in the Ecuadorian friendly new hymn. Correa, President of Ecuador, sees President Xi Jinping’s visit to Ecuador as "a great honor for the country."". Because of the "Eagle Song" elegant, Peru is seeking. The lyrics "would rather be a sparrow than a snail; would rather be a hammer than a nail; rather than a forest, is a path" expressed a strong desire to Peru people’s desire for freedom and the pursuit of happiness. As early as 400 years ago, Chinese defying the tempestuous waves opened up, the maritime Silk Road across the Pacific, since the contacts between the two countries in a continuous line. Peru has a population of nearly 1/10 of China’s total population, the people of Peru affectionately referred to the Chinese as fellow, said the two countries have already penetrated into the traditional friendship of blood. Because of the "star of wine," the reputation of Chile intoxicating. Chile’s total length of about 10 thousand km of coastline, North and south of the length of 4352 kilometers, the narrowest of things, the maximum width of 96.8 km, 362.3 km, is the world’s most narrow terrain. But the hearts of the people of chile. In the wisdom of profound traditional friendship, the relationship between the two countries has always been in the forefront of Chinese relations with Latin American countries, bilateral cooperation has created a number of "first", Chile is the first Latin American country to establish diplomatic relations with Chinese, first with Chinese China on accession to the World Trade Organization to reach a bilateral agreement, the first to admit China full market economy status, the first a bilateral free trade agreement signed with the Latin American countries China. Friend who is thousands of miles away is not to, this is China and Latin American common proverb, a true portrayal of the relationship is in tension. Chinese and Latin America, in what place, North and south of the day at the top, both ends of the earth distant but inside, close at hand, the identity of each other, and common destiny. Latin America and the United States accounted for 1 of the total area of the world, accounting for the world’s total of 1 / 5 / 4. As one of the world’s largest developing countries and developing countries, the most concentrated area, two pieces of the vast land has bred a brilliant ancient civilization, has experienced the tragic history of colonial aggression against the west, also Houzhi with common development hand in hand)相关的主题文章: