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Liu Shuailiang "water" donkey break billion raid theater behind the scenes fun entertainment exposure – Sohu Liu Shuailiang exposed behind the scenes as [Click to view photos] Sohu entertainment news the day before Liu Shuailiang starred in the second comedy film "happy twist to the donkey water" is the national release, a warm response, the audience acclaim. This is no big stars without dazzling gimmick of commercial films, with the screening phase accumulation under ultra high reputation, showing a strong weekend billion mark, become a dark horse in the film market beyond all expectations. As Liu Shuailiang and Allison guanjin Bu raid on Beijing cinema, and share a series of interesting scenes, the audience to bring unexpected surprises. Liu Shuailiang surprise appearance theater share behind the cry movie "donkey" water since October 28th since the release, the box office reputation is very high, watercress score rose from 8.2 to 8.4, higher than 94% of the comedy, just seven days cumulative smooth break billion. The evening of November 2nd, the film starring popular Liu Shuailiang and bu guanjin surprise raid on Beijing cinema, instantly detonated the whole atmosphere, the audience screaming non-stop applause. In the face of the audience for the film’s curiosity, he openly share the hardships encountered in the work: "this movie is in Shanxi Shuozhou Pinglu County shot, set far away from our hotel, every day to and from the 140 km, there is a long road. The place has a certain altitude so sooner or later, a large temperature difference, often wear a jacket, pants vest at noon. Into the mountains of mobile phones basically no signal, that the next few months, everyone’s calls are special province." In addition, he also revealed themselves before into the group weighing 150 pounds six pack during the filming of storm lost 20 pounds, won the audience praised the "iron man brother for this movie also fight". Liu Shuailiang tells his emotional movie’s Allison donkey shed finally in the fight, because iron man has finally surrender, has no way like the beginning of that Allison and have a beautiful love, make the audience infinite regret. Liu Shuailiang catch grasshopper catch the mole boy upright crowned "Liu Sansui" wacky Liu Shuailiang since his debut took more than IP costume drama, handsome niche in the movie "the image of the people, the water breakthrough in donkey" hot temper upright village teacher Zhou Tienan, with excellent acting impressed many viewers also show a generous character lively funny. A set of days ago exposed photo, Liu Shuailiang and Ren Suxi hands each holding a grasshopper, as if to let them fight, tongxinweimin the move attracted eat melon masses have a message ridicule. As Zhou Tienan’s girlfriend in the film, this is to be the crown "expose": "he only catch grasshopper in the studio, once caught a mole, kept in the bucket, we gave him the nickname" Liu Sansui "!" , cause the audience to laugh. Liu Shuailiang Zhou Tienan’s wonderful interpretation and film super high quality won the audience recognized, good reputation maxed circle of friends at the same time, his popularity with the movie hit a high, fans have said he expected wonderful performance in the next work in. Happy twist second comedy film "donkey water" is the country aggressively, become the most hot.相关的主题文章: