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Liu Shuailiang "water" the donkey was like acting box office gratifying talented Sohu Liu Shuailiang entertainment "donkey water" official poster Sohu entertainment news Liu Shuailiang starred in the second comedy film "happy twist water" donkey in October 28th national release, as of yesterday, the box office has exceeded 60 million, ranked sheet ratio up to nearly 22%. In the film point mapping stage attract widespread attention after the release, the audience responded enthusiastically, mouth overflowing. The Liu Shuailiang by virtue of the "iron man shot" wonderful interpretation of scenes impressed the audience, won the praise of "acting little meat, director Zhou Shen is also highly recognized for his performance in the film," said Liu Shuailiang has the highest talented actor". Liu Shuailiang "water" donkey red box office won the audience approval contrast interpretation Tienan October 28th, happy twist comedy film "second water" the donkey officially released, on the first day of harvest 17 million 962 thousand at the box office, as of yesterday, the cumulative box office has exceeded 60 million, ranked ratio up to nearly 22%, bean petal film score up to 8.3, the continuation of more than two week roadshow in the accumulation of bursting reputation, gratifying achievements. Liu Shuailiang in the film the character appeared in hot blooded, upright temper justice and rural sports science teacher Zhou Tienan, by virtue of superior value and vivid interpretation of Yan to the iron man from the "cross and rushed to be shot after a second" counseling "has become one of the focus of everyone on the movie. He said this "iron man is shot" is a highlight in the film, it is the change of Tienan crushed Zhang Yiman last defense spirit let her into madness, and the iron man kneeling down to beg for mercy because he is not willing to be so dead, when they heard his heart only read head is "live go to live". The famous actor Chen Yao in the concept of the movie to give Liu Shuailiang a message of praise "that you play a scholar’s misbehaviour kneeling down to beg for mercy directly to the play, I cried, and the film quality and the production team gave a high evaluation, a huge contrast caused by the character Tetsuo before and after the in-depth discussion of the audience," said Liu Shuailiang have played very real and lead the audience into the role, "shocking" love iron man variable counsels also insist that their performance is the revival period, the level is very good". Liu Shuailiang is a director of his own role dedication like the "actor top talent" Liu Shuailiang since his debut has appeared in numerous costume drama "IP qinshiming" "Pocahontas" Lan Ling Princess ", joined the actor with the same name as the main team of the" donkey water "creative team, performance strength not weak with the heart, to the corner of Zhou Tienan’s performances and wonderful interpretation of the media and the audience won praise. He said to the director of the "true", can only be set aside before acting experience, no design is not deliberately, the Ombudsman guards holding a fake gun as genuine, completely rely on real feelings to play, "was the moment I really tired, this movie to learn a lot, especially a new understanding of how the real and natural performance, thank you very much for the week, Liu Lu Shen two directors selected me as Zhou Tienan, let me have the opportunity to participate in the excellent works". Director Zhou Shen said, Liu Shuailiang can put the immediate scene相关的主题文章: