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Lippi: look forward to the creation of a national miracle players should understand the national sense of Honor – Sohu sports   today, China coach Lippi accepted the AFC and FIFA interview. Lippi said, look forward to lead the country to create positive foot. If you can not achieve this goal, but also hope to establish confidence in the team to meet the challenges of the next Asian cup. Let the players know how to play for the country’s sense of responsibility and honor. For the team, Lippi said the team around Hengda construction. Talking about the current situation and the national team, Lippi said: "it is important to restore the confidence of the whole team, first put the goal in Qatar and South Korea’s main body, the target is no doubt once again won the qualification into the World Cup finals, hopes to eventually be able to achieve this miracle, even if we do not. We should lay the foundation for the future, and will shift the focus to the next session of the Asian Cup top." For the players in the club and the national team, Lippi said it is difficult to understand, he said: "I don’t know why China players in the national team is poor, and they behave in a completely different club. In the Premier League and the AFC Champions League, they have impressive performance, but in the national team is another. I think they played only 40% of the national team. Wear this shirt, they should be aware of their responsibilities. Playing for the country is a player’s highest honor." In the 12 national football season, Lippi did not seem to have a large gap with the opponent, but in the ability to grasp and control the scene is obviously insufficient, "our players apparently in the last few races did not reach the peak of the state, but this is not to say that our strength and to hand a lot of difference, although the results are we lost, but the game is not one-sided situation. Sometimes, we also create some opportunities." For the team to select and build, Lippi said he would like to believe Hengda players, the national team has about 6~7 Hengda players, I will build a new lineup on their basis. Hengda players have worked with each other for many years, they understand each other, it is clear that this will be the key to qatar. Of course, I will also use the good players from other clubs, to find a new driving force for the national team, and promote the team forward."相关的主题文章: