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"Pendulum three group" to join "Mother Road" staged love to kill the Sohu who played horns entertainment Yu Yi Liu Zhiyang plays Shi Shaoqing Xiao Yin as Miss Hong Sohu, Liu Zhiyang entertainment news about Yu Yi and Xiao Yin, everyone would think of the network drama "soul ferry", holly, Zhao Li, Xia Xuannv composed of "the iron triangle", so users can refer to as long as three people in the same frame, whether it is to eat and sleep, look at the 100 sets make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, ghosts are visible, the pendulum group of three charm. Beijing is currently hot shot of the legendary drama "mother", Yu Yi, Liu Zhiyang, Xiao Yin three people again at the same time to join the official news on the Internet caused a heated debate. "Official green CP" burst variable rival, Xiao Yin "abandoned" Liu Zhiyang Yu Yi empathy…… Many exciting highlights triggered by the Internet of three people to guess the emotion, as well as the expectations of the entire drama. Break the "green CP official" Yu Yi Liu Zhiyang bestie rival Yu Yi Liu Zhiyang, Xiao Yin, became the group of three star network drama "soul ferry" series was known to the audience, the three people joined the "Mother Road" at the same time, is to let users expect a little more. Especially Yu Yi and Liu Zhiyang on this by the netizen together "official green CP", with a lot of tit for tat scenes in the "Mother Road" in. The play, Yu Yi and Liu Zhiyang each other down sworn brothers, but in the end because of a fall in love with a woman. Played by Liu Zhiyang when Shaoqing is a hard heart, won the brother’s wife also subtly malicious male, their temperament is very consistent with. Yu Yi, who played horns, will show both sides of the firm and resolute courtly and gentle. From the network drama "soul" series to "ferry" Yu Yi and Liu Zhiyang Niang, said again the full understanding and experience of cooperation, Liu Zhiyang said and just filmed "soul ferry" is not the same, "Yu Yi’s a dad, when the father of the people, and not when the father, for the children, life view, acceptance is not the same, when Dad after the mind more fine, have a deeper understanding of life attitude, believing this is not the same as before, will be very exciting." The "iron triangle" love to kill people feeling of belonging "soul" in the mystery ferry, played by Xiao Yin Wang Xiaoya and Xia Dongqing dare to love and hate, the pure love circle of countless powder. In the TV series "mother", Xiao Yin played Miss Hong is a typical great lady, I know, love to fight, but in the face of "not allowed feelings", but also just silently waiting for. The play, Xiao Yin played Miss Hong, Yu Yi played with long and long Jizong nobumune have emotional drama, while Liu Zhiyang played when Shaoqing to outrageous, the Miss Hong long to use unscrupulous divisive tactics, Jizong set, the complex relationship between the characters and tangled emotions, let three people there is a love to kill the drama.   相关的主题文章: