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Lin Dan derailment is not important, the key to how to do warm men! Sohu sports do not know what the other side of the mind, how to do a warm man? Listen to each other’s mind: 1) when I have a cold, let me have a good day lying in bed, buy medicine to buy rice washing clean all his bag, though usually also is his bag. 2 in the evening before going to bed kiss my forehead. Anyway, let me sleep chicken fried peace of mind. 3 and I together after the removal of the unfamiliar street, a kind of dating software, any social software are willing to give me surveillance. The picture always find my ugly photos, I also photographed Laichuang video. 4 every night, when my exclusive radio station, before going to bed will give me a confession of love songs, from Mandarin to Cantonese, has now reached the stage of english. The music in the mobile phone list is the name of the confession spree. 5 in winter, my hand is always frozen into ice, he will hold my hand to help me warm. 6 the dishes are delicious food for me, keep me fat, but do not abandon, go running together with me when to keep fit, it is more romantic thing. 7 Taobao with his account, a small amount can be directly paid, large into the shopping cart. 8 often take me to eat delicious. Life for the first time to eat shrimp taste experience, to the point of the 2 market I ate a nose tears flow, while he got a mobile phone camera to be brutal and inhuman, but he still finished with a paper towel to wipe my nose. 9 I love to drink milk, drink before Golden or Deluxe, know him after he had bought me 6 mg milk milk, but he does not drink, because he felt too expensive! 10 after I know him, I realized what is called a small dog on the bed, no time did not let me down! Dog: dog training waist waist is so out of practice content from the network Xiaobian supplement store please press enter below the two-dimensional code recognition: click on the bottom) or read the original entry by muscle fat, welcome to consult the supplement collocation! Welcome to consult the store customer service staff. Click to read the original? [] to enter the store or supplement metrosexual man Fitness Academy Press over the two-dimensional code recognition into the micro shop.相关的主题文章: