Lin Caiti admits that at the age of 18 when pat dew photos (Figure)

Lin Caiti admits that at the age of 18 when pat dew photos (Figure) Caiti Lin Lin Caiti sexy photos of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Lin Caiti before being caught in Under Lover’s Hu Rui son drug events, emergency urine tests to prove innocence, and now bad things ridden, was mad at the age of 18 took no dew point photos, in fact, this group of photos of 2012 was spread, and is also known as her being filmed sex video, mentioned indecent photographs, she had to explain to the scene found that the clothing explicit, but worried against danger, only barely finished, and only several thousand dollars reward. Lin Caiti hot body, often in the face of the book share many sexy photos, in 2012 the Internet had spread to her as the dew point of gauze, bikinis, thigh high socks, pink chiffon dress, cheongsam, body curve at a glance, even a sharp eyed netizens pointed out that the lingerie chest is sheer design, there are several suspected Zhang is not attached to chest exposed photos, triggered a heated discussion. Now the indecent photos were dug up again to discuss, according to Taiwan media reports, Lin Caiti admits photo is 18 years old when mistakenly thought to take clothing catalog taken, because not accompanied by brokers, only their own site and photographers two people, plus other attitude made her feel uneasy, worried about a disobedience will be in danger, after the shooting will be agreed, can only get thousands of dollars NT reward, for the network to spread the sexy films, she sternly denied absolutely not filmed. (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: