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Li Keqiang Montreal "ice hockey diplomacy" – Sohu news, Premier Li Keqiang’s trip to Montreal, dubbed by the media "hockey diplomacy" reputation. But there’s a lot of attention. First, timing. Local time on the morning of 23, a special plane from Ottawa arrived in Montreal, Li Keqiang drove from the airport non-stop, go directly to the Canadian ice hockey team home court Baer center, dedicated special visit. This team is the pride of the city of Montreal, founded in 1909, has won 24 National Hockey League championship. The ice hockey is Canada’s "national sport", they have won two consecutive Olympic Hockey gold medal for men and women. As Li Keqiang and Trudeau in Montreal for Canadian ice hockey team. You are my pride, this is Chinese prime minister to release a strong signal. Master of natural "double face". This does not, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau also came from the capital, accompanied by Li Keqiang’s visit to his hometown in Montreal, and has been in the field. Although ice hockey is not China long, but the prime minister Chinese "do", accept the team presented his name printed on the number 1 shirt, a spot in the best of spirits. Together with Trudeau for the team of young players training players, Li Keqiang dashing, without jerky, win the stadium and the stands cheers. With the Canadian ice hockey team’s cordial interaction, Li Keqiang harvest is the heart of canada. Do not evade, 13 years did not visit, China’s Prime Minister for the people must be very strange. And now, he was standing in the field hockey, we are most proud of, and freely — No problem (no problem), he is our friend! This is not the kind of field hockey, the so-called "diplomatic show", Li Keqiang’s visit to integrate it organically. Away from the stadium, Li Keqiang and Trudeau attended the Sixth China Canada economic and trade cooperation forum. When the host introduced the Chinese prime minister, he added an important supporter of the Canadian team". Li Keqiang later in his speech, to said with a smile, I put on my shirt swing, so has not only supporters, I think that is the "honorary member of the Canadian team. Under the audience burst into applause, no one will doubt that it is from the heart of applause, and not just out of etiquette. This is just the beginning of the white. Li Keqiang quickly cut into a more substantive theme from hockey: "I just saw a slogan in the team’s lounge, ‘No excuses.Be winner.’ (no excuse to be a winner)". I told the prime minister Trudeau said, we do not have any excuse, and must achieve win-win! "There are more close to the Canadian business community psychology, boost bilateral economic and trade exchanges morale than what? So, you know, this sentence after the direct climax. Hockey diplomacy must be in the end. In the third party market cooperation when it comes to the most concern, Li Keqiang pointed out that with complementary advantages between can lay a win-win situation, in aviation, railways and other areas, with advanced technology and equipment Chinese cost-effective combination can explore the third market. "I believe this.相关的主题文章: