Laugh and cry! The actor audition team was scared out of Thor y580

Laugh and cry! "The actor audition team" was scared out Thor and Captain America? "Thor" Chris? John Krasinski said Chris Hemsworth was brave? Hemsworth awakened, out of the "Captain America" casting. Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Marvel Super Heroes when everyone wants, when the "Captain America" prepared from comics onto the big screen, many Hollywood actor had to audition, including Will Smith (Will Smith), Tatum (Channing Tatum) and later as the winter soldier Sebastian Stein (Sebastian? Stan (John); actor John Krasinski Krasinski) revealed in selected angle, by passing the "Thor" Chris Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth)? Scared to give up. John Krasinski, a famous American talk show "the Connor show" (Conan), host Connor OBrien (Conan O’Brien) was asked once in "Captain America" casting, he said he would love a superhero, "I love imagination", "so long" received the American team audition invitation that is a very important thing to him, and to the scene, the crew allowed him to wear the Captain America battle suit, let him excited to do. So, as John put on his pants, he thought happily! This is too amazing, as if he will become Captain America, mood super excited, uniform to a half, the rest of the upper part of the body is not finished, then Chris Hemsworth? Suddenly after from his side, the other is a super strong body with his greeting, "Hey, brother," he super suddenly discouraged, heart broken read: "well, this is stupid, never mind it, I won’t be Captain America, Never mind"; he laughed and said he was Chris Hemsworth? Muscular body woke up, then exit the "Captain America" auditions.相关的主题文章: