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Knife [exchange] soccer SMG recommended: Orangemen plateau home court to undefeated Marcello Lippi regardless of the risk of wanjiebubao, resolutely took over the country foot, can be described as courage, just in the face of such a difficult situation, the top coach can turn the tide? Can the national team win the first victory and retain the hope of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup finals? All the answers will be announced one after another in the match between Qatar and Qatar today. After country foot four 1 flat 3 negative 1 points, the bottom panel, qualifying the situation in jeopardy, the last game to 0 than 2 lost to Uzbekistan after the first time, coach Gao Hongbo announced his resignation today, Italy coach Marcello Lippi stepped in, the Orangemen down is to make a home court in Kunming deliberately chose to exhaust all the skills, the plateau home court the other foot into the top 12, foreign key battle is the home court against Qatar, psychological slightly dominant. This once again usher in the West team, the Orangemen will triumph, let us wait and see. Qatar four after 1 wins and 3 losses with 3 points, the team the last second, the same situation is not optimistic. Compared to the country foot, Qatar not only technology dominance, physical quality is much higher, on a fight not obviously uninterested enemy foot too, the overall strength can not be overlooked. However, the guest came to Kunming, the team unfavorable news, Qatar because there is no Doha – Kunming route license, was forced to transfer, and finally arrived the first day of the game, the state of the players have varying degrees of influence, the other 4 players suspended, the lineup is not perfect. Historical confrontation, the country is not off the wind, the last fight, 2 to 0 victory opponents. William: 2.30 3.20 3.20 lost at the beginning of 2.05 compared to 3.10 4 instant odds: two generalized strength, slightly higher than the foot in Qatar, is set in the early lose win lose Tao, on foot slightly unfavorable. Variable pay, wins for the low, negative for a substantial raise, because Qatar is well, so a substantial negative elevation compensation, it is difficult to win the game in Qatar, foot sit and hope to win. Recommended: National foot unbeaten (knife sinks)

[小刀汇]竞彩足球推荐:国足高原主场力保不败   银狐里皮不顾晚节不保之风险,毅然接手国足,可谓是勇气可嘉,只是面对如此艰难局面,这位顶级名帅可有力挽狂澜,扭转乾坤之良策?国足能否迎来首胜,保留晋级2018世界杯决赛圈的希望?一切谜底将在今天国足迎战卡塔尔的比赛中逐一揭晓。   国足四战过后1平3负积1分,小组垫底,出线形势岌岌可危,上一场比赛做客0比2不敌乌兹别克斯坦之后,主教练高洪波第一时间宣布辞职,如今意大利名帅银狐里皮临危受命,国足上下也是使出浑身解数,主场特意选在昆明的高原主场,另外国足进军12强的关键之战正是主场战胜卡塔尔,心理上稍占优势。此番再次迎来这支西亚球队,国足能否再奏凯歌,让我们拭目以待。   卡塔尔四战过后1胜3负积3分,小组倒数第二,形势同样不容乐观。相比国足,卡塔尔不仅技术占优,身体素质也是高出不少,上一次交手不敌国足显然有无心恋战之嫌,整体实力不容小视。不过此次做客来到昆明,球队不利消息颇多,卡塔尔因没有多哈-昆明航线的许可证,被迫转机,最终比赛前一天才抵达,球员状态有不同程度影响,另外4名球员停赛,阵容不整。   历史交锋,国足不落下风,最近一次交手,2比0完胜对手。   威廉初赔:2.30 3.20 3.20 即时赔率:2.05 3.10 4.00   两队广义实力相比,国足略高于卡塔尔,现盘初赔胜赔韬开,对国足略微不利。变赔之后,胜赔拉低,负赔大幅抬高,由于卡塔尔近况不错,如此大幅的抬高负赔,卡塔尔实难胜出,此役国足坐和望胜。   推荐:国足不败   (小刀汇)相关的主题文章: