King Bhumibhol came to the end of life compassionate people loved by the people of the

King Bhumibhol came to the end of life   compassionate people loved by the people of the Thailand king Bhumibhol died at the age of 88. Yesterday, with the royal family of Thailand announced the news, the whole Thailand into shock and grief. As the world’s longest reigning monarch, the throne in 1946 Bhumibhol in Thailand’s prestigious, Thai people respect and love. "Despite the best efforts of the medical team, he is still deteriorating. At 15:52, he died peacefully in Siriraj hospital." 13 evening, the Thailand palace office issued a proclamation, announced the death of King Bhumibhol news. Thailand, all television stations to stop the normal broadcast, constantly playing Bhumibhol before the black and white screen. In Bangkok the Siriraj Hospital, many people holding the portrait of Bhumibhol crying. Thailand’s prime minister Pakistan immediately in a televised speech that country into a one-year period of mourning, all civil servants dressed in black mourning; all government agencies, schools and other institutions at half mast, for a period of 30 days; all units to stop recreational activities for 30 days. The Thailand government also announced that, according to the constitution, Thailand’s Prince Vajiralongkorn to the throne as the new king. Pakistan Education said in a statement: "the government will follow up on the throne. The government will inform the general assembly of the National People’s Congress, and his majesty, in December 28, 1972, appointed his successor." On the evening of 13, Thailand held a special session of Congress, entered the legal process of new king throne. 13 day and night, Pakistan Education said, Prince Vajiralongkorn announced that he was asked to postpone the new king, "I met the prince, he asked was declared as the new king before some time to prepare". King Bhumibhol ascended the throne in 1946, May 1950 coronation, Bangkok Dynasty ninth king, is currently the world’s longest serving head of state. For his death, the outside world can be said to be expected. In recent years, Bhumibhol suffered from illness, most of the time in hospital. 9 this month, after the royal family of Thailand issued a statement of the health of King Bhumibhol, his health has once again become the most concerned about the issue of Thailand people. 12, 2009, Pakistani Prime Minister of Thailand suddenly canceled the original arrangements for the trip outside the interview, returned to Bangkok, causing a lot of speculation. Social media and even the news of the Thai king died, resulting in Thailand stock market fell 7%. The 13 day, hundreds of people continue to stay in the Thai King hospital and prayer vigil. Thailand’s "world news" said, in the hospital on the lawn, a lot of people holding the king’s photos, or hands together in prayer, or read Scripture to pray. Kainamu Diao Bangkok residents 62 years of the "New York Times" said: "the king is the father of all the Thai people, we are bathed in his virtues, we love him, not what he can and." Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported that many people sing the National Anthem in front of the hospital, shouting "long live the king", many people to tears on the spot. People around Thailand have spontaneously organized, dressed in pink clothes for the king to pray. Countries around the world have also expressed condolences to the death of Thai king. People who have been to Thailand will have a clear impression that the image of the Thai King everywhere, whether it is the airport, junctions, government buildings相关的主题文章: