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Just want to know in the end there is no drama Song Ji Hyo out of the wall! Text: unhaa some time ago was just bombed again "the sage of love", a small series of views on the brink of collapse "the road to the airport" the small child follow up a victory with hot pursuit, completely unexpectedly, weekend out of a "wife this week to the wall"…… May be affected by the "airport", although the show from the name of the light of a sense of joy, small series or insisted that it will implement the abuse of your thousands of styles. Then was the face…… It’s really funny!! Especially when the men know a series of moves may be derailed when his wife, this skill to damn funny uncle suddenly!! Such as saying on the mouth can’t body but honestly trying to open his mobile phone to find out if need to unlock can not stop his "Zhuojian action", but this is what unlock skills?? Put a powder on the phone and began to stare at it Fortunately, this method is useless or there is any privacy in the world! In the middle of the night, his son caught up from the bed also set password OK?? Pro dad ah… However, women had changed wit locks, love mobile phone solution don’t open uncle without capital, has not derailed in the end there is no way of knowing, the bag thrown into the trash men all trance to not the son, you want him to carry the garbage to school?? Sit on the bus to the kindergarten son, the ability to defuse embarrassing Xiao Bian is convinced however it is also temporary, mobile phone open? No problem! Find another way, I see the bank card details! Look at your new underwear! So gorgeous you want to wear to SEI see?!! (saying men like you really like idiot… In this way check) wife has not derailed is broken pattern Tucson, no wonder what didn’t check it out… To see the male gay friend Cui Yunji (Jin Xiyuan) and his wife Yinya (LA, Zhiyuan) is how to play the investigation and the investigation of the gentleman ~ Cui Yunji claims to be derailed expert, her wife is not weak, check derailed method really is like a midnight smell all sorts of strange things, her husband’s feet…… Oh ~ smell…… Huh?? Smell the feet?? What is the use?? Husband working in a busy day, home without a bath will lie down and sleep, this case no abnormal beriberi!! And you’re off the rails!! High, really high! However, master is not derailed) specious, kissane completely not in fear! Smell your feet, right? No problem ah ~ for you to stay! XXX film, keep feet invincible hand, Cui Yunji for you the truth ~ this is the endorsement of the duel between master ah, take a wrong step that is doomed eternally!! Such tensions, small but in front of the screen laughing reel right and left…… But smile to smile, one thing is to make clear: this drama in the end want to tell us what story? How a two are derailed? Why men suddenly feel so derailed to wife launched a series of "Zhuojian live.相关的主题文章: