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JoliePitt announced their divorce before the two people called "Romance rich old driver" [Abstract] love marriage two people have more experience "old driver", with even two people also cast a shadow over "derailed". JoliePitt JoliePitt divorce had appeared: has been separated for a year to close the Tencent entertainment news according to foreign media reports, September 20th, 41 year old Hollywood superstar Angelina · Julie has · to her husband Brad; Peter filed for divorce, and she has to seek custody of 6 children, giving Brad the right to see Peter ·. According to reports, Angelina · Julie filed for divorce documents show that two couples have formally separated in September 15th, broke up because of serious differences in child education, does not involve the third, split off the rails and other issues. It is reported that Angelina Julie and Brad Pitt two people 04 years from the beginning of 14 years of formal marriage, love, love before marriage, two people are having multiple segments romance "old driver", with even two people also cast a shadow over "derailed", but Peter Julie eventually could not escape the feelings of twelve years would be a burst sigh. Julie’s first love occurred at the age of 14, when she was 14 years old to make friends and develop into cohabitation. Julie has been married three times, first husband was actor Johnny · Li · Miller, met two people is very old-fashioned play time soon because Peter Julie, the first time when the protagonist, shooting the movie "network" hacker met Miller, then the lightning fell in love and married, it is said that when Julie was only 20 years old. When the rebellious period, married wearing a white T-shirt, saying "he is my husband, just get married, then the best man is the famous actor Jude Law. But passion is coming soon, two people separated in the past second years, and dragged on for a year before the final divorce. But soon after Julie ushered in the second marriage, the other is Billy · Bob · Thornton, is a famous Hollywood actor and screenwriter, this marriage more wonderful, two people also exchanged small bottles containing their blood. But the two marriage also broke down in third years. While the third husband is what we are familiar with Brad Pitt, two people dated for 10 years before they married, two people in the family of three children, and three children Julie had adopted a total consisting of eight homes, but the marriage only lasted two years has come to an end. In addition to the three marriage, Julie still has a rebellious feelings, and she is Japanese female model water Jeanne once came Brokeback. Two people met when the film, the age is still very small, clear water is a famous Hollywood Lala, has also been rumored and Madonna scandal. Later, water and a non entertainment women married. In addition to the romance and marriage, Julie had also been published once broke, and the rolling stones frontman Jagger pass over the scandal, but was Jagger and Julie both have lovers. Even when Julie said hearsay and Peter fell in love and her first husband ouduansilian involved and pulled. Peter and Julie crazy love story is very different, peter.相关的主题文章: