Jiangxi Taihe bridge collapse accident progress 3 injured out of danger in the new network running man20130526

Jiangxi Taihe bridge collapse accident progress: 3 injured out of danger – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Ji’an on September 12th news (reporter Xie Yuansen) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, yesterday morning, Jiangxi Taihe County, an abandoned bridge collapsed in the demolition work, by construction enterprises in 8 workers and 3 vehicles project car fell into the water, in which 5 people were rescued and taken to hospital, 3 people unaccounted for. Currently lost contact with the identity of the staff has been released, the scope of the search and rescue is also extended to 20 km downstream. Until now, the bridge collapse accident has been in the past 25 hours, according to local media news release, the list of three personnel lost contact and identity have been published, two is responsible for the bridge blasting a Technology Development Company staff, another is a Nanchang demolition company staff. Currently involved in the accident, the company’s all relevant personnel under investigation. The drowning people are still in active rescue, local police, fire protection, and mobilize the rural cadres and the masses along the lower reaches of Ganjiang River and the provincial water rescue center, the blue sky to support the rescue team to carry life detectors and other equipment dispatched 10 assault boats launched a dragnet search and rescue, the range extends to the downstream more than and 20 km. Hope lost can be found early, and safe return. 5 injured yesterday morning was brought up, then immediately rushed to the incident from the nearest Taihe County Hospital for emergency treatment. The relevant person in charge of Taihe County Hospital said that 5 injured 3 people the condition is relatively stable, has been out of danger, in addition to the 2 of the more serious injury. 1 of them were diagnosed as hemorrhagic shock, multiple fractures, the situation is more critical. The most serious injury is the 32 year old Huang Yong, he was diagnosed with paraplegia of the lower limbs, chest burst fracture of the vertebral body and spinal cord injury, such as 12. Taihe County Propaganda Department told reporters, Taihe County Emergency has hired 6 Shanghai and Jiangxi Province, the experts to participate in the treatment of the wounded.相关的主题文章: