Jiangsu is often outside the city was informed of the pollution incident hamimelon

Jiangsu land pollution incidents education bureau chief was warned Changzhou youth online on 26 August, 8:51 this evening, Jiangsu Changzhou Municipal People’s Government Information Office official micro-blog micro Changzhou news release, Changzhou municipal government to cooperate fully with the steering group, the investigation group, the expert group, to implement the relevant requirements at the same time, the organization to carry out the indoor air often outside the third party inspection, experts on the "Changlong block" prevention and control of pollution remediation technology plan review, seriously pursue those responsible. According to the steering group steering opinions, the investigation team handed over the problem and self inspection found that the Changzhou municipal government, the new North District government has been in accordance with the cadre management authority were responsible for the serious treatment. Among them, the general manager of Changzhou hi tech Zone, former deputy director, former deputy mayor of the new North Lu Ping and Changzhou heimudan Construction Investment Co. Ltd. Gao Guowei were given removal from party posts, demotion, giving the party a serious warning, the resignation of vice director of Changzhou hi tech Zone Lu Jianhua, director of the Municipal Education Bureau Ding Weiming, municipal education former deputy director of the Bureau of Wang Dingxin New District Environmental Protection Bureau, former director of Jiang Xinyao were given the party warning, given demerits of New District Environmental Protection Bureau to monitor the battalion Wu Rongbing, of Xinbei District Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Huang Zhen given a demerit, responsible to the deputy general manager of Changzhou Black Peony Construction Investment Co. Ltd., the site of the project were given the removal of Li Fei Jiang Yuedong. Give notice of criticism of the new North District People’s government, and instruct the municipal government to make a profound examination. The relevant departments of the new North has been made according to the relevant administrative punishment. The message also said that the Changzhou municipal government will earnestly carry out rectification, while a counter three, and resolutely put an end to such incidents happen again. The next stage, the Changzhou municipal government will earnestly implement the steering group, the investigation team, the relevant requirements of the expert group, focusing on five aspects of work. First, profound lessons learned. Second, strengthen campus safety. Third, to speed up the Chang Chang plots repair. Fourth, strengthen the comprehensive management of the environment. Fifth, strengthen the style construction.相关的主题文章: