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Jia Jinglong shot the verdict on arrest, why not? Original title: the judge can transcend judgment reasoning? Jia Jinglong case as an example: the author of the source: public number, the magnificent collection of gold, which is expected to be, in the end, Jia Jinglong still want to go. However, today to see the Supreme Court on the case of Jia Jinglong answered a reporter’s question, or let me feel some accidents. Four of the Supreme People’s court shall explain Jia Jinglong immediate execution of death penalty reasons: 1, premeditated; 2, means cruel; 3, shot 4, bad social impact resisting arrest. In this four reason, whether it is a trial, or the death penalty review (the original text, you can retrieve the referee instruments online), some were not identified in the court, will "shoot arrest" as the reason of judgment. Such as the death penalty review documents published on the Internet as an example. So the question here is, in the first instance review procedures are not identified as "shot four reasons to arrest" as the immediate execution of death penalty, the judge told reporters that the original reason for the death penalty in a hidden, which makes how lawyers defended his work? In addition, from the perspective of evidence. From the point of view of the judgment of the first instance written evidence, a "shot" plot, arrest Jia Jinglong my confession is not mentioned, the testimony of witnesses involved in the plot of the testimony has three copies, but are all from the victim’s stakeholder testimony, two three copies of the testimony in a mention of Jia Jinglong shot, this is lonely to permit, Gudzafflheng as immediate execution of death penalty basis, does not seem to conform to the specified "rules of evidence" of the Supreme People’s court death. Just as car Hao in "Jia Jinglong should not kill? Would you like to kill? "Said in an article:" the case of Jia Jinglong, a village misgovernment and violent demolition and public dispute such as multiple colors, like a ditch, the discussion of these social problems and emotions, draining into a case of concern. "In a case of public opinion, the judge had such a statement when answering a reporter’s question. A lawyer for a long time, the death penalty for three missing a court actually has a hidden, such as the legal procedures are completed, the judge said in an interview with reporters. The reason for this is obviously lack of justification. Car Hao in Jia Jinglong should not kill? Would you like to kill? "He Jianhua said:" as a "public person", because to assist the government to handle "public thing" was killed. The problem is much more complicated. Public service person was killed. The fault is to be shared by multiple people, including leadership, but ultimately by the village party secretary who has a full revenge. If we do not punish the killers, to the families of victims of an argument, but because of social pressure. Then, I will make public service people cold heart. The consequences, far-reaching." I believe that this is not only the feeling of a car Hao, but to say the general public opinion questioned. If the death penalty is a response to public opinion that "I will make public service the people cold heart", and the judges make such media described, this is clearly not conducive to the establishment of judicial authority. Editor: Wei Wei相关的主题文章: