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Jeremy sharp attack half miserable injury heart race guidance – new sports Sohu > > data point shooting record of November 3, 2016 Beijing time in the regular season, the nets and pistons, Jeremy Lin 6 cast 4, half scored 10 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds, but left hamstring injury to withdraw from the race to kill. However, in the fourth quarter, Howe returned to the bench, he is still the heart race guidance rookie Kilpatrick. Had been losing two nets, very eager to win. The beginning of the game, the nets went into the attack, two break layup Jeremy Lin succeeded, he and Lopez led the nets shot a wave of 11-5 lead. The first section of the end of the piston will be reduced to 1 points difference, Jeremy to play to stabilize the situation, to ensure that the nets leading at the end of the first day. The second section of the game, the piston substitute Udrih feel good, he continuous attack succeeded, the piston two will be close to 4 points. Critical moment, Jeremy Lin breakthrough inside cause destruction, to help stabilize the situation in the nets. Tobias succeeded in continuous – after Harris, Jeremy Lin also succeeded in a long break layup, pressing the piston back. But the book ho in the first half of the match left hamstring, the official twitter that he will not return to the game. But after the start of the fourth quarter, sat on the bench, it seems that the injury is not serious. He also played Kilpatrick for his guidance, the nets eventually won the game. I hope the book’s injury is not serious, as soon as possible to return to the game.相关的主题文章: