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Japanese media: Erickson denied that Rooney joined the Hong Kong Outstanding Sports Sohu Hulk like Japanese media: Erickson denied Rooney joined port   Beijing on November 1st news, the British team head coach Erickson in Shanghai on the Hong Kong team that will introduce United striker Rooney. The day before his interview with British media, said the possibility of joining Rooney on port 0%. Erickson managed the British team, Rooney was first elected to the national team, two people deep friendship mentoring has been become a favourite tale. "Super explosive buy" pace of world class players stop, Rooney will follow the teacher, joined the Hong Kong team Shanghai news has been can be heard without end. This season, Manchester United relegated to substitute Rooney is 31 years old, facing the plight of. However, Erickson said he was admitted to the entrance of the possibility of zero: I think we all know how much I appreciate Rooney. But that he wants to join the Hong Kong is not the same thing. It is another thing that we want to introduce him." Japanese media reports, one of the financial strength of the team is in Hong Kong in recent years to champion Guangzhou Evergrande line, one after another in the cover of reinforcements. This summer with a new record for Asian market price of 55 million 800 thousand euros to introduce Brazil striker hulk. Other additions include won the Super League champions Guangzhou Evergrande and AFC Champions League in the era of striker El Kessen et al. Coach Erickson said: "I know Rooney as a striker. He is I worked with the best players, "although the disciples sent the highest praise, but he also admitted that at present on the Hong Kong without Rooney:" we have a space for one person Hulk, and El Eriksson, Conca such great striker." Reported that, not only in the United States, the United States league team also showed a strong interest in Rooney, the captain of the British team is still striking." Reported that Rooney with age, the decline in physical ability is particularly significant, has lost the trust of Manchester United coach, but he refused to leave Manchester united. (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章: