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Japan, for the first time, the introduction of "karoshi" countermeasures white paper – China News Agency, Tokyo, October – 7, the Japanese government’s cabinet meeting on the adoption of the "labor and death prevention measures white paper" (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) (7). Based on the "death from overwork and prevent countermeasures of promoting law" and the development of Japan’s first "death from overwork and other countermeasures to prevent the content of white paper", including monthly employee overtime more than 80 hours of labor. Long time business, death from overwork, overwork Dutch act and other data related injuries, as well as the background of formulating laws and related laws. The white paper shows that the situation Dutch act overwork death from overwork or work-related injury, wandering in the past few years in 200 parts; and the existence of formal monthly overtime over 80 hours of business, last year more than 20% of the total number of respondents. Correct long time labor has become a topic. The white paper included in the relevant questionnaire MHLW commissioned by external agencies implemented in December 2015 to January 2016 results. The survey shows that there are formal employees monthly overtime hours more than 80 hours but not more than 100 hours of the respondents accounted for more than 11%, more than 100 hours accounted for. The Japanese Ministry of health in 2015, including the identification of attempted "overwork Dutch act" was 93. The Japanese police department and the Cabinet Office released data show that one of the reasons for the work of suicide, in 2015 up to 2159. Here, the media means that it can be seen that the injury is a manifestation of the whole problem of karoshi. Japan from November 2014 to implement the karoshi Prevention Act, the provisions of the provisions of the central government to overwork death countermeasures. The government is obliged to report to Congress on the situation and specific measures. (end)相关的主题文章: