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See kaishushuo said the parents of a child’s life style China parent-child relationship – author | Yi Kai Sohu maternal sister uncle Jane Zhang was from, what time in the what, the time to let go, this is an eternal problem. The best comment on Jane Zhang and her mother, and about freedom, affection and love, is her own voice, the voice of the heart. In October ten years ago, Jane Zhang’s first album "THE ONE" is a song called "Midnight good night", which Goodnight says: did you hear the world how noise I want some peace and quiet some pain can make people grow up overnight dawn you ~ ~ ~ ~ don’t want my children when I have your persistence if not love you extremely to be honest with yourself Midnight you sleep it life dramatically than I imagined complex if this is the price I have to pay, I am not afraid of Goodnight did you hear how noisy world I want to quiet some pain can make people grow up overnight dawn. PS ~ ~ ~ ~: we recommend third articles today The story said is about love and freedom, you may wish to accompany the baby to see. Yesterday morning, the mother of Jane Zhang wrote an open letter, very shocked. In the letter, we can see that Jane Zhang is described as 16 years old and married with Feng Ke in love many times, more than ten years and married Feng Ke indecent; the purpose is to change all the money Jane Zhang shares…… How much resentment, can make a mother out of one of these privacy, open to the daughter and son-in-law embarrassed? Soon Feng Ke made a reply, stated that in 2015 the property has been changed for the joint property of husband and wife, the marriage is not careful media broke the news…… First of all, I would like to apologize to Liangying’s mother, let her into a storm, social gossip for the chase effect, will disturb the lives of the elderly." Don’t say he installed, because Jane Zhang’s mother, even for her daughter, do not do. Willing to take a breath, to install, to fulfill, is Jane Zhang’s dignity. But Jane Zhang’s marriage has been greatly affected by the letter from Jane Zhang. She couldn’t pronounce, because the accused mother is unfilial, big thing to watch is not afraid, said she was lack of love, by the man falling head; the more serious charges, had no father, solitary mother bear bitter hardships, now wings, a man forgot Niang, waiting for retribution. The Internet is a pour to scold Feng Ke Pianhun, said Jane Zhang elders suffer in the eyes. Jane Zhang’s mother has told the media stressed that the statement is written every single word or phrase, knowing that her daughter will be sad, but she still want to write. Love in the name of kidnapping, kidnapping is still. A mother who doesn’t get married will only make things worse相关的主题文章: