James Soong went to the APEC in the controversy, regardless of the protests to see Andouble-douke

James Soong in the controversy to protest to see Andouble APEC regardless of the original title: James Soong in the controversy to APEC despite protests carrying souvenir to see Andouble [Global Times correspondent in Taipei Yin Yan as Cai Yingwen’s envoy, PFP chairman James Soong 15, went to Peru to attend the twenty-fourth session of the APEC (APEC) economic leaders meeting. For 14 days James Soong has just been appointed as the presidential advisor, a public opinion on the island, this new title could make his trip to APEC add variables. According to Taiwan "Central News Agency," 15 reported that James Soong in the evening to fly to Peru. Accompanying the PFP legislator Li Hongjun James Soong said the flight arrived in New York time late, the next morning 5 when to depart from New York on a plane to Lima, not simply transit, travel arrangements. "United Evening News" said that James Soong will be 16, arrived in Peru, 17 held a press conference, 19 days to 20 days in the economic leader (representative) conference, held the evening of 20 leaders representing the press conference after the meeting, 23 are expected to return to taiwan. It is reported that James Soong had the opportunity to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, U.S. Secretary of state during the APEC, the trip is still in the arrangement. But according to the report, James Soong and Xi Jinping ", not only can accidentaly across the arrangements for the meeting.". James Soong to participate in the APEC, to be able to meet with Abe Shinzo, the island’s media said, this is because the Taiwanese authorities prepared in advance with hand ceremony – lifting the Japanese nuclear disaster food. United Daily News, 15, commented that James Soong forward APEC, known as one of the hand ceremony, is the food import ban on Japan’s nuclear disaster, in order to fight the song will be". This is called "the rush to get James Soong is personal communication and coordination" to meet the opportunity, totally did not "not anti nuclear anti nuclear disaster food" absurd, and deceive the cover limit to the cost related to South Korea, is the risk of Taiwan public health and blossom everywhere struggle. James Soong said on the 12, the PFP countries reiterated for positioning and cross-strait relations position remains unchanged, "the two sides in opposition to Taiwan independence", a roof in the concept, respect the "cross-strait peer divided" political reality, mutual understanding, to achieve a pro Strait belief. This is the Taiwan media as James Soong tried to interact with the mainland and another "hand ceremony". "Wang" said James Soong this statement is not no reason to express the mood, but also to Cai Yingwen and Xi Jinping stand. Can bypass the "92 consensus" way of expression, but also to the Beijing show that mainland leaders with James Soong in Peru, "shake hands" accidentaly across, do not violate the anti independence and promoting reunification of Cai Yingwen can stand firm, implicit "Taiwan independence" line pressure, more conducive to the expression of "cross a pro. In good faith for the people of Taiwan. Before the trip James Soong Cai Yingwen was appointed to the presidential advisor, lead lenovo. "United Daily News" 15, commented that in the latest senior list, almost Fullhouse hardcore old green man ", and James Soong impressively. After constantly repeating the "APEC memorandum of understanding (i.e. Taiwan by financial background officials or enterprise attended Peng相关的主题文章: