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Iverson: the Lakers played 10 career best ball Akira halo MJ riding buckle 2 meters 11 second remember he has repeatedly challenged the basketball gods? Phoenix sports news Allen – Iverson was officially inducted into the hall of fame, as one of the greatest defenders of only 20 years, in the course of his career, leaving a lot of classic lens in the past 14 years in the past few years. The following is a small list of top ten Iverson career: 10, the left hand left hand Tianbu buckle buckle up surprised 76 people’s game against Seattle, teammate Coleman forced shot, threw a ball three non stick, Iverson from the bottom of the blaze, leaping high, right hand to buckle up, but because a slightly premature jump in the air. Paused after the switch to the left hand put the ball back into the box. 9, across the tyronn Lue shame tyronn Lue 2001 finals, the Lakers faced Iverson, tyronn Lue defense, Iverson a crotch back, step back jumper, he’s jumping after landing lost focus fell on defense, Iverson fell from the tyronn Lue body across, he has become one of the the most classic scene of life. 8, the Lakers played the Lakers played the entire defense background is also the Lakers, Iverson in defense of his crotch, Leder, continuous turning, turning action combination, finally accelerate breakthrough after a jump, to defend O’neal, hit the jumper, the Lakers’ defense in front of Iverson as decoration. 7, pick 76 relay rod rod air one game against the pistons, Larry Hughes sent assists, Iverson from the high start, the bottom line slipped into the box, Hughes assists Iverson in the completion of the air relay, after receiving the ball also completed a lever action. 6, Jordan Jordan 76 soared to stun the Bulls game, in the face of Jordan’s defense, Iverson continuous change direction and crossovers, Jordan will focus on two times and partial, and finish the jumper in front of the basketball gods. 5, after the rebound came to hand throwing fake fax nuggets to the basket game, Iverson only a breakthrough with Carter guarding, jump head backwards looking for the pass line, after the people have to drift in the air behind Iverson in rebounds, before landing, throwing a ball, the ball rebounds from the rear into the basket. The Iverson ball, four nets defenders. 4 free throws, single hand buckle up one hand buckle up teammate Coleman free throws, standing in three from Iverson quickly into the restricted area, has yet to react in the three defenders before leaping the ball up into the buckle. In 3, Daniels played two times even shake down opponents 76 people against the wizards, Iverson is one of the most classic career lens, he used the continuous change of direction and emergency stop action, the defense two times Daniels dummied, after Iverson reached the basket, pick the one hand hit the basket. 2, riding 96 champion riding buckle buckle Camby 76 second place in the game against the Raptors, standing in the basket near Iverson directly leaping in the teammate bad shots, in the 96 session of the second behind the ball with one hand Camby buckle up into the box, the ball Iverson jump too high, riding in Canby body. 1 steals a dragon, a dragon lore steals buzzer buzzer beater 76 against the wizards, the last less than 4 seconds when the two teams were tied, and the Wizards of the ball. The Wizards throw in, Iverson quickly grab)相关的主题文章: