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Known as easily lead to miscarriage of food, we must remember that the Sohu like a girl child when mothers must manage their mouth, because pregnancy diet is the key. The reason why some pregnant food can not eat, it is because the food easily lead to miscarriage? The following eight kinds of food, has been known as easy to cause abortion of pregnant women, mothers must remember ah! Food: a miscarriage, not often drink coffee with women moderate coffee intake on women’s health benefits, but pregnant women was pregnant when eating too much coffee may affect fetal bone growth, there may be fingers, toes deformity, will also increase the abortion, premature birth, low birth weight the situation. Two, pregnant women should not eat peaches, longan, papaya, hawthorn, aloe and other fruits of maternal health care is to know what you can not eat a woman during pregnancy should not eat fruit, peaches, longan, papaya, hawthorn, aloe and other foods, because these foods contain some easy to abortion material. So you should stay away from the oh. Three, do not eat salted and smoked baked food pickled foods are carcinogenic, and sodium content is high, not easy to digest. And the bacteria in these foods can cause a woman to have a miscarriage or fetal malformation. Four, can not eat raw meat or raw food is half undercooked due to the risk of food poisoning, and raw meat may also contain parasites, causing toxoplasmosis. If the parasite transmitted to the fetus, it will cause damage to the eye or brain, and even lead to miscarriage and stillbirth. Five, don’t eat too much hot hot sauce seasoning including fennel, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, five spice powder, pepper powder and seasoning. Pregnant women eat hot sex condiment easily intestinal water consumption, to reduce the secretion of gastrointestinal glands, resulting in intestinal dry, constipation. After the occurrence of constipation, pregnant women must breathless defecation, the increased abdominal pressure, oppression of the fetus in utero, easy cause fetal irritability, premature birth and other adverse consequences. Six, avoid drinking alcohol is easy to pregnant women suffering from alcohol poisoning syndrome. The typical characteristics of the fetus are: low body weight, heart and limb deformities, mental retardation, etc.. The traditional theory that pregnant women drink moderate impact on the fetus is not large, only to the extent of alcohol will cause fetal alcohol poisoning. But new research shows that low levels of alcohol in pregnant women can cause harm to the fetus. Seven, from barley barley is a kind of medicinal and edible things, the Chinese believe that the quality of lubricating. Pharmacological experiments show that barley has excitatory effect on the uterine smooth muscle, can promote uterine contraction, which may have induced abortion. Eight, can not eat apricot and almond apricot acidic hot, and tire slip effect. Because the pneumatic heat pregnancy is heavy, so the general prenatal should eat light food, and hot and apricot skidding characteristics for pregnant women taboo. Almond contains highly toxic hydrocyanic acid, can cause suffocation, children eat 7 ~ 10 almond that can be deadly. In order to avoid its toxicity.相关的主题文章: