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Inventory of uncivilized behavior in the subway subway to eat, lying may lie down in middle-aged women tickets subway cars (according to Metro video screenshot) contemporary life daily news (reporter correspondent Lu Di Ou Jun) the eastern section of Nanning Metro Line 1 has been more than two months, but the subway some uncivilized behavior still occur. Over the past few days, Nanning Public Security Bureau subway Branch police inventory in the inspections found some uncivilized behavior of the subway, once again called for civilized citizens travel. Lens 1: snacking on the morning of September 16th, in a subway train from the east railway station, the police found a passenger eating eight treasures porridge, police stepped forward to discourage the behavior of the passengers. Subsequently, the police found that two passengers drink a drink, one person eating bread, police reminded the two passengers, two passengers are also very fit. According to the police, the subway line fasting, please the public must pay attention to. Scene two: lying down to sleep at noon on September 17th 12 pm, the police patrol found a middle-aged woman in the subway car "occupied" in a row of seats, attracted other passengers came, but she is not to regard it as right if no others lie. Police stepped forward to remind, this behavior is not only illegal, looks indecent, do not feel comfortable, their influence on others. Reminder: these behavior if not be punished Metro police remind the general public, according to the "thirty-fifth regulations" of Nanning city rail traffic management, prohibit the following effects of city rail traffic environmental sanitation and prevent others travel behavior: in the elevator compartment into the food; in the station car stranded, begging, entertainer, loudly loud, pick up items, lying down, stampede seats. If the violation of the provisions of the unit by city rail transit operation process in accordance with the following provisions: if you are eating in the subway, the staff will be ordered to correct; refuse to correct, punishable by fifty yuan fine of five hundred yuan; if it is lying on the inside, workers have the right to discourage and stop. Refuses to correct, punishable by fifty yuan fine of five hundred yuan.

盘点地铁内不文明行为 乘地铁吃、躺可能会领罚单 中年妇女在地铁车厢内躺卧(据地铁视频截图)   当代生活报讯(记者 卢荻 通讯员 欧俊)南宁地铁1号线东段开通已有两个多月了,但地铁内一些不文明行为还是时有发生。连日来,南宁市公安局地铁分局民警盘点在巡查中发现的乘坐地铁的一些不文明行为,再次呼吁市民文明出行。   镜头一:吃零食   9月16日上午,在由火车东站发车的一节地铁车厢内,民警发现一名乘客在吃八宝粥,民警上前劝阻了该乘客的行为。随后,民警又发现有两名乘客一人喝饮料,一人吃面包,民警提醒了这两名乘客,两名乘客也很配合。   据民警介绍,地铁全线禁食,请市民一定要注意。   镜头二:躺着睡   9月17日中午12时许,民警巡查发现一名中年妇女在地铁车厢内“霸占”了一排座位,引得其他乘客侧目,但她却不以为然,若无旁人地躺着。民警上前提醒,这种行为不仅违规,看起来也不雅,不要舒服了自己影响了他人。   提醒:这些行为如不改要受罚   地铁警方提醒广大市民,根据《南宁市城市轨道交通管理条例》的第三十五条,禁止下列影响城市轨道交通环境卫生和妨碍他人乘车的行为:在电梯、车厢内进食;在车站、车厢内滞留、乞讨、卖艺、大声喧哗、收捡废旧物品、躺卧、踩踏座椅。   如违反规定的,由城市轨道交通运营单位按照下列规定进行处理:如果是在地铁内吃东西的,工作人员会责令改正;拒不改正的,处以五十元以上五百元以下罚款;如果是在车厢内躺卧的,工作人员有权进行劝阻和制止,拒不改正的,处以五十元以上五百元以下罚款。相关的主题文章: