Inventory of the wardrobe to buy those God logic zhongguorentiyishu

Inventory of those who buy the wardrobe, the God of the Internet era, there are a variety of wonderful things happen every day, as well as a variety of netizens Tucao logic". The so-called divine logic, that is, no logic. At this time, a lot of consumers to buy wardrobes, regardless of men and women, and occasionally will fall into the "God logic", following the small inventory of those people who choose to buy the wardrobe, "God logic" thing. ?? A plate of the logic of God?? 1, environmental protection must be solid??? This is a thinking are believed to be recognized by the public, but the environmental protection! In addition to wood, and other materials, like Wo Xiang board as well as technical clearance of the wood-based panel, all belong to the category of environmental protection. But some of the processing of solid wood is not enough environmental protection, so this logic is not established. ?? 2, the thicker the board is strong??? These are certainly more than older people think, maybe you go with the trend of the times, is such a idea! In fact, depends on the stability of the wardrobe in three aspects: one is the design of the structure of the wardrobe, and if the design of the thick plate not reasonable, there will still be a collapse of the day. Two is the thickness of the plate. The three is the use of wardrobe habits, the use of the wrong habits can easily lead to damage to the wardrobe. For example: will be a lot of heavy objects on the wardrobe, long-term heavy load will also allow the wardrobe to die early. ?? Two, a style of logic of God?? nouveau riche, originally means the country rich and powerful, not what the taste of the rich people. Now refers to the rich, irrational consumption, people like to show off. And in the selection of wardrobe, often have a large number of "nouveau riche", they have a big house, a large space, what style wardrobe directly to move home, but this furniture effect often makes people feel the taste of a little LOW. ?? Three, a god logic function?? wardrobe use function is key influence of daily life, especially the Master who follow the trend of fashion, more wardrobe don’t think bigger is better, it can not arbitrarily design, best to listen to professional advice, so as to avoid their overconfidence caused by the future use of the wardrobe inconvenience. Look at these purchase wardrobe in the "God logic" incident, we have done before. In fact, it is difficult to choose the wardrobe, said Yi is not easy, but as long as according to their actual needs, and then listen to the designer for professional advice, buy a good wardrobe is not difficult. — — — — — — — –相关的主题文章: