International Game Analysis The Untold advantages – chupan hemisphere Greek Sohu antik

International Game Analysis: The Untold advantages – chupan hemisphere greece greek Sohu vs Belarus 2016 international warm-up game time: 2016-11-10 03:15 Thursday: 0.900 Asian plate crown hemisphere a ball 0.980 Bet365 disc: 0.899 hemisphere a ball 0.950 William Hill: 1.75 3.25 5.50 1.67 3.30 6 Ladbrokes: [news] 1, Greek score data on the wheel from the European 2-0 away victory over Estonia before the 3 round of qualifying to keep 3 wins, scored a total of 8 goals in 3 games in all competitions, keep 5 wins during each round of at least two goals. 2, Greece nearly two rounds of warm-up match away from Australia and Holland. 3, Greece nearly 10 home court only a shutout record (2-0 Cyprus). 4, Belarus nearly 3 rounds of world cup 2 flat 1 negative, scoring only two goals in 3 games, a total of nearly 10 games only scored 6. 5, Belarus nearly 10 rounds of warm-up match 4 wins 4 flat 2 negative, only lost to Russia and Northern ireland. 6, Belarus in the past 06 years to face the defeat of the Greek 0-1. [analysis] asian handicap according to data provided the net score, crown ball chupan Greek main let the hemisphere 0.83 low water handicap rise plate to the Lord let a ball of water; the size of the ball chupan 2 ball high water, the opening is extremely low, and actively raising disc lets the ball plate does not fit. Greece has a good state, keep winning streak, a recovery trend, Belarus overall trend is tepid, the Greek world ranked forty-second, Belarus ranked seventy-seventh; fundamentals are still relatively poor a conversation, the Greek lower hemisphere chupan concessions, although the latter positive handicap rise disc, let the whole picture still hardly effective, situation is not good. Asia recommended: Belarus +0.75 color recommendation (-1): 0相关的主题文章: